Проверочная работа "Вопросительные предложения"

Вопросительные предложения
Task 1
Таблицу начертить и заполнить в тетради. Записать в таблицу номера вопросов,
соответствующие характеристике типа вопроса:
Общий вопрос
Вопрос к
1. Are you playing volley-ball?
2. What did you do at college yesterday?
3. Who reads this English poem?
4. When will you go to the canteen?
5. How long are you going to stay here?
6. Will you spend your vocation in Moscow?
7. Why did our team lose the game?
8. May I come in?
9. Are you a doctor or a nurse?
10. Jane is a nurse, isn’t she?
11. Do you speak English well or Spain?
12. Kate isn’t a doctor, is she?
13. Are you fond of going to the theatre?
14. Where did he go?
15. Who knows this district well?
16. Can he speak German?
17. Is she pretty?
18. Is it right or wrong?
19. Where were you born?
20. Who knows her address?
21. The soup is good, isn’t it?
22. I can swim, can’t I?
Task 2
Составьте предложения из слов:
1. Books, in, who, at, reads, home, evening, the?
2. Live, do, you, where?
3. French, do, speak, you, English, or?
Task 3
Задать все типы вопросов к предложению:
You are a student.