Тест "Известные английские писатели и их произведения, Past Simple, конструкция used to" 7 класс

Test (Module 2)
1. Jules Vern ___ Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.
a) write b) wrote c) writed
2. Agatha Christie ___ the “Queen of Crime”.
a) was b) were c) is
3. ___ Arthur Conan Doyle ___ poems?
a) does ___ write b) did ___ wrote c) did ___ write
4. Elizabeth ___ to the gym on Saturdays, but now she goes to the park.
a) didn’t use to go b) use to go c) used to go
5. The Otis family ___ to notice the Canterville Ghost.
a) begin b) began c) did ___ begin
6. First Jane cooked a cake, ___ all the family drank tea and enjoyed the cake.
a) then b) while c) when
7. Oscar Wild was a popular Irish poet who created ___.
a) Journey to the Centre to the Earth b) War of the Worlds c) The Canterville
8. One day, I ___ to go for a walk in the forest, but I ___ my way.
a) decided/ lost b) decided/ lose c) decide/ lost
9. We walked and talk ___ we were out of the park.
a) after b) until c) then
10. Mike ___ to Rome last week.
a) go b) used c) went
11. Where ___ Captain Nemo ___?
a) did ___ travel b) did ____ travelled c) didn’t travel
12. What did Axel and the professor find in the cave?
a) knife b) initials c) raft
13. Mary Shelly ___ the monster Frankenstein after she ___ with Lord Byron.
a) created/ spoke b) created/ speak c) created/ speaked
14. You’ll never guess what happened to me.
a) Oh my goodness! b) What? Tell me! c) Really? Why?
15. Well, you don’t see that every day, do you?
a) Luckily, no. b) Well, I had quite a shock. c) No, you certainly don’t.
16. The English poet Byron ___ in the Greek war of independence in 1821.
a) fight b) fought c) fighted
b) ___ have the most unusual characters: fairies, elves, leprechauns and many
a) legends b) myths c) fairy tales
c) The Leprechaun is one of the most popular characters in ___ folklore.
a) Irish b) English c) Scottish
d) ___ is a serious and emotional play written for the theatre, radio or
a) suspense story b) drama c) adventure
e) ___ is a story that takes place in the future or in space.
a) biography b) mystery c) science fiction
f) Who had a magnifying glass?
a) Miss Marple b) Hercule Poirot c) Sherlock Holmes
g) We were surprised ___ we saw Mr. Adams on television.
a) when b) until c) then
h) Let’s use a ___ to find our way back.
a) compass b) magnifying glass c) submarine
i) Let’s ___ the city before it gets dark.
a) hide b) solve c) explore
1. b)
2. a)
3. c)
4. c)
5. b)
6. a)
7. c)
8. a)
9. b)
10. c)
11. a)
12. b)
13. a)
14. b)
15. c)
16. b)
17. c)
18. a)
19. b)
20. c)
21. c)
22. a)
23. a)
24. c)