Тест "Present Perfect"

Test “Present Perfect”
1) Put in have or has
1. She … already been to Moscow.
2. I … watched the film twice.
3. My sister … cleaned our room.
4. We … not drunk juice yet.
5. My parents … just bought a new car.
6. The students … just written an essay.
7. His granny … recently read the book.
2) Put the verbs into Present Perfect
1. He (just/feed) his cat.
2. My mother (not/water) the flowers yet.
3. Kate (already/write) a letter for her parents.
4. I (recently/go) shopping.
5. They (never/be) to London.
Make these sentences negative. Ask questions.
3) Answer the questions about you, your classmates and your family.
1. Have you done your homework?
2. Have you listened to music?
3. Have you swum in the lake?
4. Have your classmates already written an English test?
5. Has your father cooked breakfast?
6. Has your friend been to New York?