Тест по английскому языку 7 класс

Тесты для 7классов, Тимофеева Марина Михайловна МОУ «Средняя школа №14»
город Кимры Тверской области.
PART 1 (first level)
My friend Susan
Susan Kente is a “dog-sitter”. She looks after people’s dogs from Monday to Friday. She
wakes up at 5.15 a.m. and 15 minutes later she gets up. She has a shower, she drinks a glass of
orange juice and she sometimes has sandwiches with cheese. Then she goes outside to the garden
and gives the dogs their breakfast. Then they all get into Susan’s car. It’s very dirty! Susan takes
the dogs to the park and they run about. She always takes some water and biscuits for them.
They go back to the car at 11 a.m. and then they go back home. At about 5 p.m. the dog’s owners
come to collect their dogs. Some people say it’s boring to look after the dogs, but Susan doesn’t
1. Susan takes care of the dogs … a week.
1) two days 2) five days 3) seven days
2. She gets up at … five.
1) a quarter to 2) half past 3) a quarter past
3. Susan and the dogs go to the park … .
1) on foot 2) on car 3) by car
4. … is very dirty.
1) Susan 2) The dogs 3) The car
5. Susan finds her job … .
1) boring 2) difficult 3) interesting
PART 2 (second level)
William Shakespeare, the greatest English writer of drama, was born in 1564 in Stratford-on-
Avon. We don’t know everything about Shakespeare’s early life. But we know that he studied at
the Grammar School in Stratford, and that he became interested in the theatre when he was still a
In 1586 Shakespeare went to London, where he worked in the theatre for some years before he
began to write his own plays.
Shakespeare soon became well-known in London literary circles. Every play that he wrote was
good news to the people of the capital. Queen Elizabeth I liked Shakespeare’s plays, and the
actors were often invited to play before the Queen. By the end of the 16
century Shakespeare
and his friends built their own theatre the famous Globe Theatre.
Shakespeare had many difficulties in his life. Less talented writers, whose plays were worse
than his, often quarreled with Shakespeare and attacked him, the actors in his own theatre
sometimes did not agree with him.
Now people in many countries love Shakespeare for his plays, comedies and tragedies that
are still modern and well-known all over the world.
1. Shakespeare became interested in the theatre in his childhood.
a. true b. false c. not stated
2. Shakespeare was especially good at writing novels.
a. true b. false c. not stated
3. Queen Elizabeth I often visited the famous Globe Theatre.
a. true b. false c. not stated
4. Shakespeare had a lot of difficulties in his life.
a. true b. false c. not stated
5. Shakespeare`s plays are still popular all over the world.
a. true b. false c. not stated
Grammar (1-st level)
1. I met my (good) friend yesterday.
A goodest B better C best
2. The public transport in London is as…..as in Europe.
A more expensive B expensive C the most expensive
3. I will get (little) money for this work than he will.
A more little B littler C less
4. Granny is in the kitchen. She (make) an apple pie now.
A makes B are making C is making
5. Dad (usually not work) in his office on Mondays.
A do not usually work B is usually not working C does not usually work
6. She (sing) with her brother at the next party.
A sings B is singing C will sing
7. Every day I help my mum about the house, but last week I was very busy with my exams.
So I (not help) her much.
A did not help B not helped C do not helped
8. Kimry is located on…….famous Russian river Volga.
A the B - C a
9. Let me show you the center of ….Moscow: ……Red Square and ……Kremlin.
A - B the C a
10. Is ……..USA bigger than……Canada?
A the B - C a
Grammar (2-nd level)
1. I do not like parties……finish late.
A who B which C what
2 .……are only seven stations on this metro-line.
A these B it C there
1. He is French. He comes ……the West of France.
A from B in C to
2. I do not take…….with my coffee. I prefer it black.
A sugar B milk C bread
3. I am interested……learning Japanese.
A at B for C in
4. I can not see the blackboard because a tall boy always sits……. me.
A in front of B near C behind
5. This is my mobile, where is ……..?
A your B her C yours
6. There was ……..tasty in the refrigerator.
A anything B something C somebody
7. Businessmen always wear……..
A dresses B uniforms C suits
8. Let…… go to the shops alone today.
A she B they C me