Brain ring "What? Where? When?" 4 класс

Brain Ring "What? Where? When?"
Дьячковский Егор Николаевич, учитель английского языка
Цели: заключительный урок к УМК Way Ahead 4. Обобщение изученного материала по
Оборудование: конверты с вопросами, волчок со стрелкой, скрипичный ключ (для
музыкальной паузы), песочные часы.
Ход урока
I. Организационный момент
Good morning boys and girls: Today we will play the game “What? Where? When?”. Three
teams will take part on our game.
II. Проведение игры
Для проведения игры выбираются три команды по 5 человек. На обсуждение каждого
вопроса дается 1минута. Очки получает та команда, которая первой даст правильный
ответ. Если ответ был неправильный, у команды соперников есть возможность ответить
до истечения 1 минуты обсуждения. Вопросы выбираются путем вращения волчка.
III. Игра
Match parts of the UK with their capitals:
1. England a) Cardiff
2. Wales b) London
3. Scotland c) Edinburgh
4. Northern Ireland d) Belfast
What happened in the summer of 1666 in London?
The Olympic Games
The Great Fire
The Festival
What is the most northern capital city?
Wellington in New Zealand
Tokyo in Japan
Reykjavik in Iceland
Match the two parts
1. The Sahara Desert a) the coldest
2. The Gobi Desert b) the largest
3. The Arabian Desert c) there is oil in
4. The Kalahari Desert d) sand dunes
5. The Turkestan Desert e) San people
6. The Australian Desert f) Kangaroo
Find four things that are good for you. Find four things that are bad for you.
asperg lothcoaec klmi ksace
sewset iscistub aestd eshece
Good Bad
1 ___________ 1 ___________
2 ___________ 2 ___________
3 ___________ 3 ___________
4 ___________ 4 ___________
Complete the words
If someone has a bad cut, you can use c____ w____ to stop the b_____.
The cut must be c____ so you must use very clean w____ and wash it.
You should put a b____ on a big cut but for smaller you can use a p____.
Where does Queen Elizabeth live?
Tower of London
Buckingham Palace
Trafalgar Square
Write the missing letters
tick_t off_ _ e
rest _ _ rant
fo _ t _ all pi_ch
ro_iny b_ _ t
cot_ _n wo_l
Write the missing letters then match 1. th_nd_r a) a narrow space in a building leading to
other rooms
2. l_ghtn_ng b) a desert animal like a large goat with long horns
3. r_ _ nb_w c) things you throw away
4. r_bb_sh d) the half circle of seven colours you sometimes see after rain
5. c_rr_d_r e) the loud sound you hear during a storm
6. _ryx f) the bright light that flashes across the sky during a storm
Order the letters. Write the words
When there are a lot of passengers the airport is very ____ yubs
When we went to the airport we were very _______ tixedec
The ice cream in the airport café is _________ ocudelisi
Sometimes the passengers’ suitcases are _____ vahye
The mechanic who checks the engine must be very _______ufcarle
Write the missing letters
m_ _ n
pl _n_ts
Read the definitions. Write words
sea water in a rocky place on the beach
sea creature with a shell and 8 legs
small hills of sand between the beach and the land
sea water curling in a circle and falling on the beach
plants that live in the sea or rock pools
sea creatures with five pointed arms
1. кошка
4. находятся, есть
5. не
9. нет
10. семь
1. мочь
2. буквосочетание дающие звук [a:]
3. десять
6. один
7. тонна
8. быть
IV. Вопросы болельщикам.
Во время обдумывания вопросов можно задать вопросы болельщикам.
How many toes do camels have?
A woman who looks after books is a …?
What is opposite of ugly?
A man who looks after teeth is a …?
What is the opposite of dirty…?
Who wrote Around the World in 80 days?
A man who checks engine is a …?
A woman who looks after passengers is an …?
V. Музыкальная пауза
Для музыкальной паузы необходимо приготовить песни на английском языке, танцы,
VI. Заключение
В заключении подведение итогов, награды победителям.