Презентация "Worlds around us" 5 класс

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Look at these wonderful pictures that children have sent to us New words: eternal, wealth, handful, silver, hope Seasons Spring Summer Autumn Winter CARD № 1 TICK THE WORDS WHICH ARE MENTIONED IN THE TEXT : Climate, holiday, summer, autumn, forest, field, spring, good, Earth, birds, children, hills, pretty, youth, space, people, river, kind, silver, beautiful, gold. Key: Climate, summer, autumn, spring, Earth, children, pretty, youth, people, kind, silver, beautiful CARD № 2 LISTEN AGAIN AND COMPLETE THE SENTENCES 1. Once upon a time there lived ……….with his three daughters. 2. First to fly was ….. . 3. “You are a beauty!” said the Sun, saying ………to his daughter. 4. Be kind, give people all you have, and people ………….” 5. And on the other side of the world…, the only daughter of Frost, was getting ready for her journey. 6. She had no…….. . 7. ………..wanted to make everything beautiful. 8. She threw all her silver on the …….. . Key: 1. the Sun 5.Winter 2. Spring 6. rich clothes 3. good-bye 7. Winter 4. will love you 8. Earth What is your favourite season and why ?

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