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London Zoo Учитель английского языка Бирюкова А.В. МОУ Глотовская СОШ Инзенский район Ульяновская область [aie] Giant Giant animals Giant animals in the zoo [θ] thing living thing every living thing every living thing in the world [b] bear black bear black baby bear [h] help help animals help endangered animals




At the zoo

Domestic animals Wild animals At the Zoo bear It’s very big. It lives in the forest. It likes honey. What is it? rabbit It’s a small domestic animal. It likes to eat carrot and cabbage. What is it? fox It’s a very beautiful animal. It lives in the forest. It likes to eat hens, cockerels and other small animals. What is it? monkey It lives in jungle mostly. It’s very funny. It can run, jump and climb the trees. It likes bananas. What is it? kangaroo It lives in Australia. It can only jump. And it has a front pocket for a baby. What is it? frog crocodile Panda bear hippo Map of the London Zoo

Welcome to ZCL, London Zoo in Regent's Park, the perfect fun-filled family attraction!

It opened its doors in 1847. The London Zoo is the world's oldest scientific zoo. Today it has over 720 different kinds of animal and is the only zoo in London where you can see big animals such as gorillas and giraffes.

For example, in the “Into Africa” exhibit you can come face to face with some of Africa's most unusual animals including zebras and hunting dogs. In the “Butterfly Paradise” you can enjoy different species of butterfly as they fly around you.

Come to us every day from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m. We work every day except Christmas day.

Answer the questions:

  • How many kinds of animals are there in the London Zoo?
  • At what time does the zoo open every day?
Let’s relax! Add the dialogue with the information: - Tomorrow we’ll visit the London Zoo. - Great! When does it open? - It opens at… - Which animals would you like to see there? - I’d like to see… there. And you? - I’d like to see… Home task Imagine that you’re talking to your friend about visiting the London Zoo. Make your own dialogue and learn it by heart