Презентация "What kind of person are you?" 5 класс

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What kind of person are you?

Lesson 4

Complete the present perfect sentences with the verbs in brackets.

  • They ___________ (not/eat) anything.
  • She __________ (forget) my phone number.
  • I __________ (make) a mistake.
  • John __________ (work) very hard.
  • Mary ___________ (not/learn) anything.
  • I ___________ (break) a cup.
  • The rain __________ (not/stop)
  • I ___________ (not/ see) Mary today.

New words

  • friendly –дружелюбный
  • loving- любящий
  • modest- скромный
  • tidy- аккуратный, опрятный
  • polite- вежливый
  • hardworking- трудолюбивый
  • hurt feelings- задевать чувства
  • observer- наблюдатель
  • freedom- свобода
  • prefer- предпочитать
  • alone- одинокий
  • pay attention-обращать внимание

What kind of person are you?

Answer the questionnaire.

  • If you never hurt someone’s feelings, you are a polite and friendly person.
  • If you have got a pet dog, you are a friendly person, who likes talking to people.

If/when + Present Simple, Present Simple.

Речь идет о настоящем, о чем-то, что верно всегда.


If clause

main clause



If you speak English well,

you can travel to abroad.

If you are a good speaker ,

people enjoy listening to you.


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