Конспект урока "Хобби. Введение лексики" 5 класс

Разработка урока по английскому языку в 5 классе по УМК Биболетовой( по методике Шадрикова).
Учитель английского языка МБОУ СОШ №4 п.г.т. Кукмор
Аскарова Ч.М.
Тема : Хобби. Введение лексики
Цель урока : Введение лексического материала по теме « Хобби», совершенствование речевых навыков по теме
« Хобби», формирование потребности в организации своего свободного времени.
Задачи урока:
1. практические:
-совершенствовать навыки монологической и речи по теме «Хобби»;
-совершенствовать навыки чтения с извлечением необходимой информации;
-развивать навыки перевода
2. образовательные :
-ввести лексического материала по теме « Хобби»
-обеспечить употребление to be в Present Simple.
3. развивающие
-развивать умения находить необходимую информацию в воспринимаемом на слух тексте;
-развивать языковую догадку учащихся;
-развивать навыки орфографии;
-развивать способность общаться на английском языке;
-развивать умения пользоваться опорами
4. воспитательные
-воспитывать интерес и уважение к стране изучаемого языка;
-научить правильно организовывать свой досуг;
-снизить стрессогенные факторы при помощи физкультминутки.
Этапы работы
Содержание этапа
Цель: Подготовить
учащихся к работе на
занятии и настроить
на эффективную
работу на уроке.
Метод: беседа
Ход урока:
I. Организационный момент
- Good morning boys and girls. I am very glad to see all of you. Sit down , please.
- Who is on duty today?
- Pupil 1:I am on duty today.
- What date is it today?
- Pupil 1: Today is 13
of February.
- What day of the week is it today?
- Pupil 1: Today is Monday.
-Who is absent today?
- Pupil 1: All are present.
- Ok! Thank you. It is time to start our lesson.
-Please, look at the blackboard. There are some pictures on it. Look at them attentively and what
can you say about them? What are these people doing?(Слайд )
-Pupils: She is singing. He is dancing. They are listening to music. He is playing football. She is
playing the piano.
- Yes, you are right. And now try to guess «What about will we speak at the lesson?»( Слайд )
- Pupil 2: I think today we will speak about the things that people like to do.
- Very good! Of course, you are right! And think a little how do we call these activities in other
-Pupil 3: They are hobbies.
- Excellent! Today we will speak about different hobbies that people enjoy in their free time. I’d
like you to tell our guests and your classmates about your hobbies and what you prefer doing in
your leisure time. Also we’ll find out what activities British and Russian people enjoy in their spare
time. I listed the aims of our lesson. Now everybody think over your own aims. What do you want
to learn at the lesson?
- Pupils: About our friend`s hobbies, some new words.
- I think everybody is ready. Let`s start our lesson and have a good time together.(Слайд )
Опрос учащихся по
заданному на дом
Цель: Подготовить к
речевой деятельности
на уроке.
Цель: Развитие
монологической речи
в 1 лице
единственного числа.
II. Фонетическая зарядка
-At first, let`s do a phonetic exercise. (Слайд ) Today we will learn a new tongue twister. What is
«tongue twister» in Russian?
- Pupil 3:It is «скороговорка».
- Why do we learn tongue twisters?
-Pupil 4: We learn tongue twisters to train our tongue, to pronounce words correctly.
-Ok! Thank you! And now look at the blackboard and repeat after me:
[g], [s], [ae], [d], [ŋ], [i], [Ʌ]
Pupils repeat the sounds after the teacher.
- Very good. Now repeat after me some words :
Gus Gordon singing dancing
Pupils repeat the words after the teacher.
-Now it is time to learn a tongue twister.(слайд )
Gus and Gordon are singing and dancing .
-Pupils listen to the teacher;
-repeat after the teacher;
-read all together;
-read one by one;
-read quickly.
-Well done.
III. Проверка домашнего задания ( Слайд )
-I think it is a high time to check your home task. Artur can you say what was your homework?
-Artur : To make a story about what our family members like to do in their free time!
-Yes, you are right. Are you ready to answer?
Artur: Yes, I am….
-Thank you . Very good. Diana are you ready to answer?
-Diana: Yes, I am…
-Well done! I`ll give you a five. Azaliya, what about you?Are you ready?
-Azaliya:Yes, I am…
-Thank you. Very good. I liked your answer. I think, it is enough. We will check your answer next
Изучение нового
учебного материала
Цель :
Актуализация ранее
материала и введение
нового материала по
теме « Хобби»
IV. Введение лексического материала по теме «Хобби»
- So, let`s continue our lesson. I want to ask you a question. What is a hobby? Can you give a
- Pupil 1:A hobby is an activity that you like to do.
- Yes, you are very clever. A hobby is that you enjoy or like to do in your free time on a
regular basis or every time, investing not only time but also effort.
- And now it is time to work with your textbooks. Open your textbooks at page 47 and find
exercise 18. Who wants to read the task?
- Pupil 1: Give your views about different hobbies.
- The task is clear. Make up sentences , please.
- Good job boys and girls. And now I want you to learn some new words about hobbies.
Look at the blackboard , please. ( Слайд )
- gardening садоводство
- travelling путешествие
- collecting сбор
- fishing рыбалка
- photographs фотографии
- doing crosswords- решение кроссвордов
- horse riding - езда на лошади
- walking прогулка
- to be interested in smth интересоваться в чем - нибудь
- to be fond of smth любить что- то
- to like to do smth нравиться что-то делать
- Let`s listen to the teacher please;
- repeat after the teacher;
-read all together;
Цель : Развитие
навыков чтения с
- read one by one;
- make sentences using these words , please.
-OK, very good. The next task for you. You are to read short texts and guess what hobby is it? Is it
clear? (Слайд )
Such people like to visit different cities, towns and historical places. Some people even visit other
countries. They can travel by car, by plane, by train, by bus or on foot. This hobby helps them to
learn history, geography and traditions of different people and countries.
-Pupil : Travelling
People like to spend their free time near the rivers or lakes . They often go there with their friends or
relatives . They can have a picnic there. They go usually there in summer but some people like to go
there in winter too . Also they can boil fish broth ( soup ) after going there.
-Pupil 1:Fishing
This hobby is interesting and useful. People try to find or buy different things such as stamps,
badges, coins, pictures and dolls. Their collection can be thematic. This hobby helps people to make
new friends and to learn some new things about countries and lands, animals and birds, famous
people and historical events.
-Pupil 3: Collecting
This hobby is popular with the people of all ages. People like to go to the stadium or to the sports
ground. They are strong and healthy. Their hobby helps to develop their mind and body and teaches
them to plan their time.
-Pupil 2: Sports
People like to go to the library. Some of them have a good collection of books at home. And they
are really proud of it. They can have different books: fiction, historical novels, books about animals
and birds, books about different countries. Their hobby helps them to relax, to learn the world and
understand people better.
-Pupil 4 : Reading
- You did a good job. Thank you very much.
учебного материала
Цель : Снятие
напряжения и
утомленности на
Цель : Развитие
умений находить
информацию в
воспринимаемом в
слух тексте
VI. Физкультминутка
- I think , you are tired and let`s have a rest. I have a very interesting poem for you. Look at
the blackboard and listen to me. I`ll read myself.
- Listen to me please;
- Let`s read all together;
- Translate the poem, please;
- Stand up, please and let`s do this gymnastic all together.
1, 2, 3 - I like boxing. Look at me!
1, 2, 3 - I like walking every day .
1, 2, 3 I like dancing. Look at me!
1, 2, 3 - I like swimming in the sea.
- Thank you. It was very interesting.
VII Аудирование
- Let`s go on our lesson and the next task for you. You are listen to the short dialogue and answer
some questions. First, look at the blackboard there are some new words. Let`s read them.
( Слайд )
track - трек, беговая дорожка
jumping - прыжки
running - бег
Marti, Mona, Daoud, Juma
- And look through the questions:
- What does Daoud like to do?
- Pupil :Daoud likes to watch track , jumping, running
-Does Juma like track?
-Pupil 2: Yes , she does.
Цель : Развитие
навыков орфографии
Does Mona like to play tennis or to watch?
-Pupil 3: Mona likes to watch tennis.
Text of the dialogue:
Juma: Do you like tennis?
Martin: Yes, I do. Mona, do you like tennis?
Mona: I like to watch.
Martin: Daoud, do you like other sports?
Daoud: I like some sports.
Martin: What sports do you like?
Daoud: I like to watch track , jumping, runnig.
Martin: Do you like track, Juma?
Juma: Yes, I do.
- Thank you very much. I liked your answers.
VIII. Письмо
- The next exercise you will do in your exercise books. Look at the blackboard. There are some
letters. The task is to make up the words on topic «Hobbies» . Open your text books and write down
these words. ( Слайд )
den- gar-ing (gardening)
ing-vell-tra (travelling)
sp-ts-or (sports)
lec-ting- col (collecting)
ad-re-ing (reading)
da-ing-nc (dancing)
sh-fi-ing ( fishing)
ing-lk-wa ( walking)
- Well done. You are very clever pupils.
IX. Говорение
- Make up sentences complete. Look at the blackboard. There are some sentences. Your task is