Конспект урока "Students' Exchange Programs" 10 класс

Федяева Надежда Леонидовна учитель английского языка
Совертокина Юлия Евгеньевна учитель английского языка
Статья отнесена к разделу : преподавание иностранных языков.
Образовательные цели : получение информации о том, что такое программа по обмену
учащимися; понимание и высказывание в соответствии с конкретной ситуацией общения
(обмен); осуществление речевого и неречевого поведения, принимая во внимание
правила общения и национально-культурные особенности страны изучаемого языка.
Воспитательные цели : развитие социокультурной компетенции, формирование
толерантного отношения к культуре других стран и народов.
Практические задачи :
1). Закрепить знания, умения и навыки всех видов речевой деятельности : чтения,
грамматики, аудирования, письма.
2). Развивать навыки диалогической и монологической речи; актуализация лексики по
теме: Students Exchange Programs.
3). Развивать грамматические навыки по теме : «Времена английского глагола».
Оборудование :
1). Магнитофон;
2). Интерактивная доска;
3). Записи;
4). Презентация.
Оформление класса :
1). Флаги англо-говорящих государств;
2). Идентификационные карточки участников;
3). Названия государств.
Вступительная часть (warming up activity)
Teacher : Hello, my dear friends! I am very glad to see you in our English-speaking club. The
topic of this meeting is “Students’ Exchange Programs”. Today we’ll discuss the benefits of such
programs and we’ll visit one of the European Schools of English in Brighton in Great Britain.
Before our meeting we divided into four groups. And we want to ask you a question:
What do we mean when we say “ Students’ Exchange Programs”?
Students’ possible answers:
S1: I think, it is when students from our country visit any other country and study language
there, living in the family.
S2: And students from any foreign country can study in Russian schools in exchange and live in
Russian families.
Основная часть
Развитие навыков аудирования
Модуль аудирования (слайд №2)
You are going to listen to an interview given by a person in charge of an
Exchange program.
Work in pairs or in small groups.
Decide how American and Russian students can benefit from such programs.
List your ideas.
Listen to the interview.
Look at the list you have made and say which benefits the speaker mentioned.
Before listening.
Teacher: OK, please, decide now, how can students from different countries benefit from such
programs. List you ideas!
На листах бумаги учащиеся записывают фломастером те преимущества программ по
обмену, которые , на их взгляд, существуют.
Teacher: Now, put your lists on the blackboard and read them. Thank you!
While listening.
Now we want you to listen to the interview given by an American person in charge of an
Exchange program between Russia and America. Then, look at the lists you have made and say
which benefits the speaker mentioned.
Учащиеся слушают аудиозапись интервью (аудиоприложение к учебнику New Millennium
English, 10 класс; Unit 1, Lessons 7-8), используя модуль для аудирования в презентации на
интерактивной доске.
Follow-up activities.
Учащиеся выполняют задания, прослушав текст (задания в презентации на
интерактивной доске: слайды №3, 4).
Слайд №3: Answer the questions:
1) What are the goals of the Exchange programs for secondary school students?
2) What does a person need in order to be a successful candidate?
3) What are the reasons for the success of the Exchange programs?
4) What are the major problems exchange students have?
5) What impact have the programs had on individuals, on the community, on the countries
Слайд №4: Match expressions:
1) To break the stereotypes
2) To build a bridge between the countries
3) Applicant
4) To apply for the program
5) To apply the knowledge
6) To adapt to
7) To represent the country
8) To be nominated for the program
a) To improve understanding between the countries
b) To get accustomed to
c) To ask to participate in the program
d) Someone who wants to participate
e) To use the knowledge
f) To symbolize the country
g) To be offered the chance to participate in the program
h) To change existing images
Развитие навыков письма
Teacher: You have named some benefits from Students’ Exchange Programs. Do you want to
take part in such programs? If yes, let’s fill in the applications.
Учащиеся заполняют анкету на английском языке. ( Форма анкеты выведена в
презентации, слайд №5).
Application Form
Name, surname;
Country where you live;
Abilities in English: a) Speak, read, write fluently
b) Speak, read, write well
c) Speak, read, write with difficulty
Accommodation: a) Host family
b) Hotel
c) School residence
Развитие навыков устной речи
Teacher: Now imagine that you are in Great Britain in Brighton in European School of English.
Welcome to our school! We have students from four countries here: Russia, Australia, The USA
and Malta. All of you want to improve your English here, to make new friends and to know
more about history, culture and people of Great Britain. To know more about each other we
would like you to tell us about yourselves according to the plan. The plan is on the blackboard.
Think and speak.
Каждая группа рассказывает о себе и о своей стране. Члены групп задают друг другу
вопросы и обмениваются мнениями. Примерный план рассказа выведен в презентации
на интерактивную доску(слайд №6)
Plan of the story:
Home town, favorite places;
School, favorite subjects;
Most important things about the country;
Hobbies and favorite pastime;
Sport in your life, games you play;
The most important events in your life.
Закрепление навыков грамматики
Teacher: Who has already been to any English-speaking country? Did you live in a school
residence or in a host family? Did you obey any rules? Name them using correct forms of
English verbs.
Учащиеся называют правила поведения в принимающей семье, правильно используя
времена английского глагола.
Развитие навыков чтения с детальным пониманием текста
Читаем правила поведения в принимающей семье, выведенные в презентации на
интерактивной доске (слайд №7)
Try to integrate as much as possible in the family routine. Remember that you are in the
UK, so also try to adapt to the English culture and avoid speaking in your native
Obey the family regulations.
Please do not waste water. It is precious and very expensive in the UK.
Leave the bathroom as clean and dry as possible. Please be properly dressed.
Switch off the lights and all other electrical appliances if you are not in the room.
Electricity is also expensive in the UK.
Do not help yourself to food or drinks. Please ask your host family first.
If you want to invite your friends, make sure it is okay with your host family.
Never use the telephone without asking and offer payment if you need to use it.
The family and the school are not responsible for personal property that is mislaid, flight
tickets or personal documents. Keep them locked in your suitcase.
Итоги урока
Teacher: Thank you for your work at our meeting. You worked successfully. Your homework will
be: This is a program of your staying in Brighton, read it carefully and at our next lesson we’ll
discuss it and you’ll have a test according to which we usually form groups for classes.
Учащиеся получают программу пребывания и обучения в Англии. Учитель выставляет
оценки и подводит итоги урока.
Teacher: Don’t forget about your student’s cards and the rules. Thank you and good-bye!!!!