Викторина "Страноведение" 10 класс

Разработка внеклассного мероприятия по
предмету «Английский язык»
Викторина « Страноведение» (10 класс)
Составитель: учитель английского языка МАОУ СОШ № 9
г. Калининграда Еремеева Елена Николаевна
Задачи: 1.Обобщить страноведческий материал по теме.
2.Углубить и расширить знания по теме.
3.Развивать познавательные интересы и активность учащихся.
4.Воспитывать культуру общения, оказывать помощь от избавления
неуверенности в себе, скованности, застенчивости.
5.Повышать интерес к изучению иностранного языка.
Ход занятия:
1.Встyпительное слово учителя:
- Hello, dear students!
The theme of the quiz is “English-speaking countries”. You are to answer
questions. If you answer questions correctly, you get cards. Try to get as many
cards as possible. The winner will be the student who has more cards than anybody
in our group. Let us begin! Good luck.
2.Основная часть.
1.What kind of state is the United Kingdom? (a parliamentary monarchy).
2.What does the word “Albion” the poetic name of Great Britain, mean? (white).
3.What is the national emblem of England? (a red rose).
4 .What is the national emblem of Scotland? (a thistle).
5. What is the national emblem of Wales? (a daffodil).
6. What is the national emblem of Northern Ireland?( a shamrock and a red hand).
7.What is the capital of England?(London).
8. What is the capital of Scotland?( Edinburgh).
9. What is the capital of Northern Ireland?( Belfast).
10. What is the capital of Wales?( Cardiff).
11.What is the nickname of the flag of the UK?(Union Jack).
12.What is the name of the London residence of Queen Elizabeth II?(Buckingham
13.What is the official residence of the Prime Minister of the UK?(No.10 ,
Downing Street).
14.Who is the architect of the famous St.Paul’s Cathedral?(Sir Christopher
15.What is the nickname of London’s Underground? (the Tube).
16.Where is the residence of the head of the English Church?(In Canterbury).
17.What is the seat of the British Government?(the Houses of Parliament).
18.Where can you seе wax figures of many famous people?( in Madame
19.How many bronze lions can you see at the foot of the monument to Admiral
20. How many bridges cross the Thames?(14).
21.What was the first name of London?(Londinium, Llyn-Dyn).
22.What is the largest museum in London?(the British Museum).
23.Who was the first woman Prime Minister in the UK?(Margaret Thatcher).
24.What is the name of the first Queen of the UK?(Victoria).
25.What is the biggest city in Scotland? (Glasgow).
26 What is the highest mountain in Scotland?(Ben Nevis).
27.What is the highest mountain in Wales?(Snowdon).
28.What is the traditional male costume in Scotland?(the kilt).
29.Where can you see the tombs of many British kings and queens and other
famous people, such as Сharles Dickens & Rudyard Kipling?(in Westminster
30.What is another name of the Houses of Parliament?(Palace of Westminster).
31.How many towers does the Tower of London consist of?(13).
32Who discovered America?(Сhristopher Columbus).
33.Who was the first president of the USA?(Geoge Washington).
34.What is the national symbol of the USA?(the bald eagle).
35.What is the capital of the USA?(Washington D.C.).
36.Where is the Statue of Liberty situated?(in New York harbour).
37.How many stripes does the American flag have?(13).
38.When do Americans celebrate Independence Day?(on July,4).
39.What is the national sport in America?(baseball).
40.What is the oldest public building in the USA?(the Capitol).
41.Where are laws made in the USA?(the Capitol).
42.In which month is Thanksgiving Day celebrated?(November).
43.What is the capital of Georgia?(Atlanta).
44.What is the tallest building in the world?(the Sears Tower).
45On what river is Washington D.C. situated?(the Potomac River).
46.What was thе first capital of the USA?(Philadelphia).
47.What is the nickname of the US government?(Uncle Sam).
48On which ship did the Pilgram Fathers sail to America?(the Mayflower).
49.What is the biggest state of the USA?(Alaska).
50.How large is the population of Australia?(about 18 million people).
51.What is the longest river in Australia?(the Darling).
52.What is the largest lake in Sydney).
54. What is the capital of Australia?(Canberra).
55.What is the first capital of Australia?(Melbourne).
56.What is the official language of Australia?(English).
57.How large is the territory of Australia?( about 8 million sq.km.).
58.What are Australian national colours?( green and gold).
59.What is the best-loved animal in Australia?(the koala).
60.What animals can be seen on Australia’s coat of arms?(thе kangaroo & the
61.What domestic animal outnumbers people in Australia?(the sheep).
62.Who discovered Australia? (Сaptain Cook).
63.When do people celebrate the New Year in Australia?(in the middle of
64.What animal really ruined Australia?(the rabbit).
65.What was the name of the Australian continent when Cook explored its
eastern coast?(New Holland).
66.Who discovered Tasmania?(Captain Tasman).
67.What is the national anthem of Australia?( «Advance Australia Fair»).
68.What is the capital of Tasmania?(Hobart).
69.Which of the US Presidents was a Hollywood actor?(Ronald Reagan).
70.Who is believed to have sewn the first American flag?(Betsy Ross).
71.Who gave his name to America?(Amerigo Vespucci).
72.Where is the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle situated?(in Disneyland).
73.What is the second name of the Washington memorial?(«the pencil»).
74.Who is the unchallenged «King of rock-and- roll»?(Elvis Presley).
3.Подведение итогов, награждение победителей.