Раздаточный материал ”Body Art"

A tattoo is a permanent marking made by inserting ink into skin to change the
pigment for decoration. Tattoos are a type of decorative body modification, while tattoos
on animals are used for identification.
Tattooing is popular all over the world. Tattoo appeared in ancient cultures of the
Philippines, Africa, America and Europe where people traditionally had facial tattoos.
People do tattoos for different reasons. Tattoos can mean status, religion, punishment
and talismans.
Tattoo can be used as a form of cosmetics. This tattooing includes permanent make-
up, and hiding skin defects. Permanent make-up are tattoos on eyebrows, lips, eyes usually
with natural colours.
Tattoos become more popular in many parts of the world: in North and South
America, Japan, and Europe, because of the ads and a lot of famous people with tattoos.
The fact is that 50% of the young population of the world has a tattoo.
Health risks: infection and allergic reactions. A professional should work with
single-use items and sterilize their equipment after each use. But remember, that nobody
can give you 100% of a guarantee.
Temporary tattoos are popular with models and children as they insert no ink into
skin, but only henna, that can last from a few days to several weeks. It isn’t dangerous and
you can change tattoo when you want, unlike lifelong tattoos.
Body Piercing
Body piercing is the cutting a part of the human body, creating an opening in which
one can wear jewelry. Body piercing may show your religion, fashion or subculture.
Nose piercing has been common in India since the sixteenth century. Ear piercing
has existed since ancient times. In North America, Europe, and Australia, ear piercing was
popular among women in the 20
century. Today, single and multiple piercing of either or
both ears is common among Western women and men.
Body piercing is not without risks. A new piercing will be sore or red for some days
up to three weeks.
Body Painting.
1) What do professionals use?
2) How can you characterize these people?
3) Is it difficult to be a model for body painting?
4) What would you like to paint if you were a professional?
Face painting
Face painting is the application of cosmetic to a person's face. From ancient times, it
has been used for hunting, religious reasons, and military reasons. Moreover, in 1960s
during the hippie movement it was common for young women to decorate their cheeks
with flowers or peace symbols at anti-war demonstrations. There are many kinds of face
painting, including
Designs that include the emblems of favorite sports teams, cartoon characters.
Costuming designs which transform people into someone/something completely different.