Презентация "Whatever the weather. Summer or winter?" 6 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
Whatever the weather Summer or winter? English proverbs
  • April showers (ливни) bring May flowers.
  • Its raining cats and dogs.
  • A snowy year is a rich year.
  • One swallow (ласточка) doesn’t make a spring.
  • After rain comes fair (ясная) weather.
  • I saw dawn creep across the sky
  • And all the gulls go flying by.
  • I saw the sea put on its dress
  • Of blue mid-summer loveliness.
  • And hear the trees begin to stir
  • I heard the wind call out and say:
  • "Get up, my dear, it is today!"
Different people like different seasons.
  • Which season is your favourite?
  • Which season is the best in your opinion?
  • Which season is the worst in your opinion?
  • You'll read the text. Find the answer to this question: What season do these children like?
  • Whether the weather is fine,
  • Or whether the weather is not,
  • Whether the weather is cold,
  • Or whether the weather is hot,
  • We'll wheather (вытерпим) the weather.
  • Whatever (какая бы ни была) the weather.
  • Whether we like or not!
Which season is your favourite?
  • My favourite season is….. because ...
  • I like…when…
  • In winter/ spring/ summer/ autumn I can…
  • b) The season I dislike most is….. because ...
  • I dislike/ hate…. when…
Simple Future / to be going to
  • 1) It is very stuffy (душно). - It......(rain).
  • 2) The weather is fine today. What will you do? - I don't know yet. I think we ... (go) to the zoo.
  • 3) Do you know what weather will be like tomorrow? - Sure. It ... (be) windy and wet.
  • 4) It is raining. - No problem. I... (take) an umbrella
  • 5) There are dark clouds in the sky. - Yes, it … (be) stormy.
  • 6) It is frosty. Please, put on a warm sweater. -I will. I think it (be) very cold in the evening.
  • 7) What will the weather be like tomorrow? - Look, the sky is starry (звездное). It … (be) sunny tomorrow.