Презентация "What’s the weather like?"

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What’s the weather like?

What’s your favourite season? Why?

What weather do you feel better in?

What do you like doing in such weather?

Do the crossword Look at the pictures. Choose words from the list below to describe the weather.

It`s wet, rainy and cold.

Sunny, rainy, bright, windy, snowy, hot, wet, warm, cold

Translate into English
  • Носить теплые вещи в холодную и снежную погоду
  • Надевать шорты, футболку и сандалии когда очень жарко
  • Прогноз погоды на завтра
  • Точно пойдет дождь
  • Ужасная куртка
  • Надеть плащ чтобы не промокнуть
  • Одолжить зонт
  • Вызвать такси чтобы не опоздать
  • Подожди минутку
  • Возможно ты прав
  • Совершенно новая вещь

I will travel to Japan next summer : decision

I am going to study German at school: plan


The simple Future has two different forms in English: will and be going to. Although the two forms can sometimes be used interchangeably, they often express two different meanings as mentioned before.

I will probably go to London next summer.

I am going to fly to London next Saturday.


Affirmative: I will travel to Madrid in October

Interrogative: Will you travel by bus?

Negative: I will not travel – won´t

Will you travel by train or by bus?

I won’t travel by bus I will probably travel by train

FUTURE TENSES: USES OF WILL 1.-Instant decisions: Ok, I’ll see you on Friday 2.-Predictions based in what we think: It will rain in the evening. 3.- Promises and offers: Don’t worry, I’ll go and buy some food for you. FUTURE TENSE: BE GOING TO - FORM
  • Affirmative: I am going to travel by plane.
  • Interrogative: Are you going to travel by plane?
  • Negative: I am not going to travel
  • by plane because I am going to fly in a hot air balloon.


1.- Future plans and intentions: I am going

to buy a new laptop computer next week

2.- Predictions based in what we can see at the moment; Look at that car! It is going to crash into the lamp post.

  • Tomorrow, next week, next month, next year…

I am going to travel to New York next year

Use be going to / will 1) Philipp 15 next Wednesday. (to be) 2) They a new computer. (to get) 3) I think my mother this CD. (to like) 4) Paul's sister a baby. (to have) 5) They at about 4 in the afternoon. (to arrive) 6) Just a moment. I you with the bags. (to help) 7) In 2020 people more hybrid cars. (to buy) 8) Marvin a party next week. (to throw) 9) We to Venice in June. (to fly) 10) Look at the clouds! It soon. (to rain) 1) Philipp will be 15 next Wednesday. 1) Philipp will be 15 next Wednesday. 2) They are going to get a new computer. 3) I think my mother will like this CD. 4)Paul's sister is going to have a baby. 5)They will arrive at about 4 in the afternoon. 6) Just a moment. I will help you with the bags. 7) In 2020 people will buy more hybrid cars. 8) Marvin is going to throw a party next week. 9) We are going to fly to Venice in June. 10)Look at the clouds! It is going to rain soon.

Check up and make up questions:

Choose A, B or C for each sentence.

1. I ____ a party next Saturday. I hope you can come.

A am going to have B am having C will have

2. There’s a film on TV that I want to watch. It ___ in twenty minutes.

A starts B is starting C will start

3. The weather is nice now. But I think it ___ later.

A is going to rain B is raining C will rain

4. Tom is ill. He ____ to school tomorrow.

A is not going to come B is not coming C will not come

5. What ___ to the party tonight?

A are you going to wear B are you wearing C will you wear

Home assignment Ex. 1, 5 p. 63 WB review the words module 10 (b)