Презентация "Best time of year- summer!"

Подписи к слайдам:
  • The Dear friend, I invite You visit its city in daylight-savings time of year!
  • Best time of year- summer!
  • What type of cloth you may advise its friend?
  • I can advise you to take several kits of cloth: t-shirts, shorts, skirts, jeans, charges, several warm woman's jackets - on any event!
  • As possible get before my city?
  • You can in my city to on plane. This be most best way since this quickly and comfortable!
  • You can stops beside me in house, in my room!
  • Where you can to live for a while?
  • How much this will cost?
  • The Ticket on plane will cost- 10000$.The Residence in my house, certainly, gratis, you after all my friend! You can to take, where that approximately
  • 1000$ on pocket expenses, for instance: on cafe, cinema, souvenires …
  • What amusemens
  • I can offer much amusements in its loved city NEW YORK you to visit "Hollywood", descend on beach, be run on local shops, descend in some class club!
  • The Advices to
  • friend!
  • My advices: prepare beforehand money, cramps tickets on plane, warn its company about that that you leave that they you at day of departure did not on the next tussocks! Here is!!!