Презентация "Once upon a time, in New York"

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  • Once upon a time, in New York
  • My house is quite a large flat in the centre of a big city, on the top of a high skyscraper. The project of the flat is called «Once upon a time, in New York», and it is designed in a retro style.
  • First, we can see a living room. It is a large room decorated with retro pictures, modern wallpaper,a glass door and lamps. In the middle of the room there is a white soft table and a big green sofa with cushions. Near the sofa we can see bookshelves, and there is a TV-set on the wall.
  • Then, we can go to my bedroom. First ,we can see a big bed with small green cushions and a violet blanket. In the corners there are two armchairs. This room is decorated with Merilin Monroe photos, black curtains, a mirror- lamp and pictures of New York on the wall.
  • Now, study. This is avery light room, because of a big window and a white ceiling and walls. In front of the window there is a computer and strange black lamps. In the middle we can see a white sofa,a retro photo and modern lamps on the ceiling. On the floor there is a carpet that looks like a tiger.
  • And what about the kitchen and the bathroom. The kitchen includes a dining room. In the bathroom we can see a beautiful washbasin, made of glass.
  • I would like to live in that flat because I like retro style, and I would like to live in a big city and every night to watch something like this picture.
Vlasenco Eugene
  • E-mail: eugine1@mail.ru
  • 26.04.2010