Презентация "Time clauses, Clauses of purpose" 2 класс

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Time clauses, Clauses of purpose Time clauses
  • Present simple or Present perfect
  • -Words and expressions in such clauses:
  • While, before, after, untill/till, as, when, whenever, once, as soon as, as long as, by the time, etc.
  • By the time we get there the film will have started.
  • BUT:
  • We use Future if “when” is a question word.
  • When will you go on holliday?
Clauses of purpose
  • 1. to/ in order to/ so as so + Infinitive
  • He is running so as to catch the bus.
  • 2. so that + can/will ( in the future and present )
  • She ‘ll stay at the office late so that she will finish the report.
  • 3. so that+could/would (in the past)
  • Joe joined a gym so that he could become fitter.
  • 4. with the view of/ with the aim of + ing form
  • He went to the bank with the aim of asking for a loan.
Clauses of Result 1.That (after such/so), (and) as a result, (and) as a consequence, so,therefore -It had not rained for two month and as a result the country was facing a water shortage. 2. Such a(n) +adjective+countable noun(sing.form) +that+ clause sentence
  • Mr. Abbot is such a good teacher that all her students love her.
  • 3. such+ (adjective) + countable noun(Plural) + that+ clause sentence. - They are such nice people that everybody likes them/
Clause of result 4. Such + a lot of + noun + clause sentence
  • He had such a lot of work to do that he had to cancel our dinner plans.
  • 5. So +adjective/adverb+that+ clause sentence
  • They were talking so loudly that the librarian asked them to leave the library.
  • 6. As a result/therefor/consequently/so+and+clause sentence -We could not find a room to book in that hotel and therefor we had to look elsewhere.