Конспект урока "My trip to London" 4 класс

Demonstrative Lesson
Topic : “ My Trip to London
( the coursebook by I.N. Vereshchagina, IV)
General Objective: by the end of the lesson students will be able to speak
about their traveling to London.
Specific Objectives: * to revise words and structures on the topic;
to revise main facts on the topic “London”,
use them in different situations.
Materials: pictures with different kinds of transport, map of traveling,
schemes , cards with individual tasks, cassette with the text.
T: Good morning, children. I’m glad to see you.
Today on the lesson we’ll discuss different questions concerning our topic
“Travelling”, you’ll share your impressions about your trips to different cities
of our country and by the end of the lesson we’ll make a very interesting
trip to the ancient city, but which city we’ll visit it’s a secret now.
So, let’s start.
1. Phonetic exercises (pay attention to the following sounds)
[tr] trip, train, travel.
[b] by, bus, by bus.
[ei] plane, train, way.
2. Answer my questions:
- Do you like traveling ?
- Why do people travel?
- What means of transport can you use? (pictures)
* Look at the map of traveling. You are in the centre, how can you get:
from Porhkov to Pskov?
from Porhkov to Moscow?
from Porhkov to Kiev?
* Here are some statements, say if they are TRUE or FALSE, comment on your
answer :
- I can get from Porhkov to Moscow by plane. F
- I can get from Porhkov to Pskov by ship. F
- I can get from Pskov to Riga by bus.T
- I can get from St. Petersburg to Moscow by metro.F
- I can get from Porhkov to Polonoe on foot. T
3. T: I see that you like to travel very much. Now try to remember your last trip:
what place you visited, when it was, what people you met…
Work in pairs: ask your partner about his/ her last trip. (P1-P2)
T: Good for you! At home you worked with your individual projects “My last
trip”, drew the scheme of your traveling, places you visited, etc.
Work in small groups: discuss your projects with your classmates and choose
the most interesting one for the presentation in the class.( P1-P2-P3-P4)
( P1, P3..)
T: Thank you very much for your interesting stories, I see that you are full of
impressions and I’m sure you spent a wonderful time.
4. T: I’d like to invite you to visit an ancient city with rich and interesting history.
Listen to the text and guess what city it is.
You are right this is London. We’ve learnt a lot about it, let’s see how well
you remember the following facts.
Individual tasks:
Card 1: Complete the sentences:
-The old name of London was…
- London stands on the river …
- London is divided into several parts…
- The population of London is about…
- The Great Fire of London was in…
- William the Conqueror came to England in…
Card 2: Describe the following pictures.( The most famous places of London)
Card 3: Make up a short dialogue on the situation I’ve just returned from
London” (P1-P2)
Class: we have a guest from London , please ask Billy questions about London.
5. T: According to the plan make up a short story about your visit to London.
1. I traveled to London last …
2. I went there by …, it took me about …. to get there.
3. London is..(2-3 sentences of general information).
4. London is divided into several parts…( describe them).
5. There are many interesting places in London such as..,..,..
6. Most of all I liked …. because…
7. I enjoyed my visit to London very much, because…
(P1, P2..)
6. T: Thank you very much for your work. Your home task is to write a letter to
your friend about your visit to London.