Конспект урока "Wish you were here. Желаю чтобы ты был здесь" 10 класс

Лицей-интернат № 1 г. Альметьевска
Открытый урок по английскому языку
в 10-а классе по теме:
Wish you were here…
Желаю чтобы ты был здесь…
(тема отдыха и путешествий)
Провела: Мирсаитова Галия Раисовна (учитель английского
Цели урока: 1 образовательная
Отработка лексического материала по теме: отдых и
Совершенствование навыков чтения, аудирования,
2 развивающая
Формирование умения анализировать, сопоставлять,
сравнивать, выполняя упражнения.
3 воспитательная
Воспитывать толерантное отношение к чужой культуре;
Воспитать эстетическое отношение к окружающей
По ходу урока были использованы следующие технологии:
Проектная учащиеся самостоятельно выполняли и
защитили презентации по заданной теме
Личностно-ориентированная – задания давались с учетом
личностных особенностей учащихся
Оборудование: наглядные и учебные пособия, учебник
Spotlight-10, мультимедиа проектор, экран, ноутбук,
колонки, презентации в Microsoft Power Point
“Wish you were here…”
I Good morning! Glad to see you! Sit down please. Who is
The theme of our lesson is…
Guess: what are we going to discuss today? (different types of
The aim of our lesson is to get some information about famous
cities and places of interest. Moreover we’ll learn new words
about traveling and your homework will be to get ready to speak
on the topic.
Traveling is good for us. And there is a proverb on the board
that proves it: Travel broadens the mind”. Open your
notebooks and write the theme and the proverb.
So lets start our virtual traveling. Imagine, that we are going to
have a holiday. We have to choose between different routes and
countries. Our guides will help us and give some information
about the following cities:
Athens, Cairo, New York, London, Paris.
Please, listen to the guides attentively and be ready to answer
the questions on the board:
Which city would you like to recommend to someone who…
1) likes visiting museums?
2) Likes to try international cuisine?
3) Is interested in the ancient world?
4) Doesn’t mind if the weather is bad?
5) Cant afford to spend a lot on eating out?
6) Wants to see a show?
Guides, don’t forget to show the city on the map and name the
Lets check your answers.
1-Cairo, London, Paris
2- London, New York
3-Cairo, Athens
That’s a good job we’ve done. Thanks for the guides too.
11 Now open your books (Spotlight) on page 95 lets get some
more information about London and the Thames.
Read the text to get a general idea of it (skim through it) and fill
in the gaps, 6 min. lets check, S1 read the 1
paragraph (the first
word is thrilling, that’s right)
Now we ll check your understanding. Find the expressions from
the text (Ill say in Russian, you ll find the English equivalents
from the text.) Ready? OK (Don’t speak out of your turn, raise
your hands)
1) посмотреть с высоты птичьего полета
get a birds eye view
2) разумное использование средств
great value for money
3) испытать нечто незабываемое
have the experience of a lifetime
4) садиться и сходить транспорта)
hop on and off
5) испуганный до потери сознания
scared out of your wits
6) подойти, сгодиться
served many purposes
Very well. Look at the blackboard, please. There is the table. S1
read the expressions and their definitions.
Hop on and off
Get on and off easily, usually
without having to buy a new
Great value for money
Worth more than the money it
Birds eye view
The view of something when
you are looking down on it
from a height
The experience of a lifetime
Something you do that is
Served many purposes
Has been used for many
different things
Scared out of your wits
To be extremely frightened or
Is everything clear? OK Then copy the table into your
notebooks. Your home task will be to make up 6 sentences with
these phrases in written form and to learn the phrases.
Repeat after me…Thank you.
III There are sheets of papers with a picture of a tourist on your
desks. Read the text and choose the most suitable title to it.
1) The telegram
2) A forgetful tourist
3) A trip to Paris
2-nd is the right variant
Answer my questions, please
1) Were did the tourist arrive? (to Paris) Say it in full
2) Was it his first visit to the city? (Yes)
3) Where did he spent the greater part of the day? (visiting
4) What did he suddenly realize? (that he got lost)
5) Who could help the poor man? (his wife)
6) When did his wife receive the telegram? (at night)
7) What was written in the telegram? (Please send me my
address at once)
Today is the unusual lesson, so we have our guests. And I
think they would like to know what is the story about.
Lets retell it according to the plan on the board.
2. It was…
3…asked the porter…
4….sent a telegram to…,in which…
5 Then…hotel….luggage…for a walk…
6 As it was…
8 Who… ?
10 So…..received…
Some more questions:
Do you like the story about this absent-minded tourist?
Do you think is it real? (may be)
By the way, as you know tourists like singing songs. So lets
listen to a song and fill in the gaps. The words of the song are
on the board. (Chill out)
You’ll hear it twice and Ill ask you to come to the blackboard
and write the missing words. Ready? Lets listen.
Thank you.
We’ve traveled around the world. But what about our own
country? Where would you like to go? What would you like to
see? Such cities like Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan are
popular among foreign tourists. So who will help us to visit one
of them? (Moscow)
Thank you. We’ve worked hard, lets relax and sing a famous
English song. Lets travel with Lous Armstrong. “Around the
Lets sing together., louder, please.
Your homework is: to learn the phrases and to write 6 sentences
with them.
Your marks are:
The lesson is over. Good bye.