Шаблон для написания письма на английском языке

Шаблон для написания письма на английском языке
13 Ostozhenka street
I was so happy to get your letter! I can’t wait to meet you in July! I’m sorry I haven’t answered
earlier but I was really busy with my school.
You asked me to tell you about… Well, …
By the way, …? …? …?
Unfortunately, I’d better go now as I’ve got loads of homework to do (as always). Take care and
keep in touch!
All the best,
Пример личного письма
You have received a letter from your English- speaking pen-friend who writes
…All in all, my birthday party was great! However, one of my friends came to the party in
casual clothes. Just jeans and a T-shirt! Of course I didn’t say anything but she felt a bit left out.
I was really sorry for her! And what do you usually wear when you go to a birthday party? Is it
important in Russia to wear smart clothes at parties? What would you do if you were me? I’ve
got to go now as I have loads of homework to do. Drop me a line when you can.
Lots of love, Patricia
Write a letter to Patricia.
In your letter answer her questions ask 3 questions about her birthday presents
13 Gagarina Street
Dear Patricia,
Thanks for your letter. I’m glad your birthday party was a great success! Well, in Russia we
don’t pay much attention to clothes but of course everybody wants to look great! Actually, any
clothes will do if a person feels comfortable. As for me, I usually wear a skirt and a smart blouse.
You were quite right not to take any notice of your friend’s clothes. If I were you, I would have
done the same. It’s not the clothes that count, after all.
By the way, what birthday presents did you get? Did your parents give you what you wanted?
What presents did you like most of all?
As for me, I prefer books. I’d better go now. Mum wants me to help with the housework. Take
care and stay in touch!
Lots of love,