План описания картинки на ВПР 11 класс

Пахайло Юлия Леонидовна
учитель английского языка
План описания картинки на ВПР 11 класс
Пункты плана
Варианты ответов
I`ve chosen photo number… (one, two, three).
-As you know I like taking photos. It`s my hobby
and I can`t miss an opportunity to take a photo of
an interesting event or an amazing place. This is
my favorite photo in my album.
- As you know I like travelling and try to take a lot
of photos wherever I go. Now I want to show you
one of my best/ favorite photos.
Пункты плана
1.where and when the
photo was taken
I took this photo:
- last summer (winter, spring, autumn, week, year)
- a year (a week) ago
- while I was travelling about ….
I think:
-it was during my holidays
- it was on the first day of my trip
- it was in the class (in the park, in the forest, at
school, in a café, in the countryside, in the
supermarket …)
2. what/who is in the
-In the photo you can see my family (my friend, my
dad, children, a woman, a man ….)
-He/she is happy (sad, serious,merry…)/ They are
-In the background there is…/there are…..
3.what is happening
-He / she + Present Progressive (is + Ving)
is playing/is reading…
-They + Present Progressive (are + Ving)
are having a party,
are riding their bikes …
-The atmosphere is
4. why you keep the
photo in your albumn
- I keep this photo in my album because
I wanted to remember this wonderful moment
forever/ I need it for my project/this photo reminds
me of the great holidays that we had that time
-I must say that was a special day of my life.