Проверочная работа "Present Continuous" 5 класс

Проверочная работа для 5 класса по теме:
Present Continuous
1) Заполните пропуски нужным вспомогательным глаголом- am, is, are, . Например: I…. sitting now.
Записываем только вспомогательный глагол- am.
1)Mark and Peter playing chess now.
2) Tony putting up the dishes.
3)Our parents working in the garden.
4)The sisters running in the garden.
5) I … listening to music.
6) The children … watching TV.
7)The sun shining now.
8)People … walking in the park now.
2) Образуйте отрицательные предложения. Например: I am sitting now. Записываем I am not sitting now.
1)Frank is writing a letter.
2)Polly and Kate are working in the garden.
3)We are swimming in the river.
4)You are playing basketball now.
5)The children are washing hands in the bathroom.
6)My grandfather is reading a newspaper now.
7)My family is having supper now.
8)Angela is watering the flowers now.
3)Раскройте скобки, запишите сказуемое в Present Continuous. Переведите предложения. Например: I …
(sit) at the table now. Запишите только сказуемое am sitting.- Я сижу за столом сейчас.
1) Jane and Tom … (sit) in the park now.
2) We … (speak) with a teacher.
3) I …. (write) now.
4) He …. (not play) now.
5) We…. (not eat) pizza now.
6) They … (come) from school now.
7) She…. (not drink) cola now.
8) We …. (not watch) TV now.
9) They…. (drink) some tea now.
10) My father… (not work) now.
11) You…. (jump) now.
12) He …(chat) now.