Контрольная работа по английскому языку за 1 полугодие 9 класс

муниципальное казенное общеобразовательное учреждение
«Михайловская средняя общеобразовательная школа имени Героя
Советского Союза Владимира Федоровича Нестерова»
Черемисиновского района Курской области
Контрольная работа за 1 полугодие
по английскому языку
для 9 класса
Халилова Лейла Октай
учитель английского языка
1.Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Past Simple или Past Continuous.
I (to go) to the cinema yesterday
The children (to do) their lessons at six o’clock yesterday
She (to learn) words when mother came home
I (not to play) the piano at four o’clock yesterday. I (to read) a book
When I (to go) to school the day before yesterday, I met Mike and Pete. They (to
talk) and (to eat) an ice-cream.
Why she (to cry) when I saw her yesterday?
My sister is fond of reading. She (to read) the whole evening yesterday.
2. Добавьте один из суффиксов (-er, -r, -ian, -ist, -man) к словам, чтобы
образовалось название профессии. Переведите образовавшиеся слова.
1. music -
2. journal -
3. post -
6. drive -
7. police -
8. electric -
4. photograph - 9. science -
5. build - 10. manage -
3.Поставьте глаголы из скобок в форму Past Perfect или Past Perfect
1.Julia wanted to sit down as she ... (stand) at work all day long
2.Bob ... (eat up) all the muffins by lunchtime.
3.Olivia and Victor ... (chat) via Skype for an hour when the connection broke
4.They ... (decorate) the New Year tree before the children arrived.
5.Stuart… (to try) to call you for a quarter of an hour before you finally answered
the phone
6.My sister ... (do) the laundry since early morning
7.Where … Robert… (to work) since 4 o’clock yesterday? He … (to fix) a
fence in the garden.
4. Образуйте существительные с помощью: -ness, -ion, ation, -ment, -ance,
itionи прилагательные с помощью: -al, -y, -ly, -ful, -ous, -tific.
5. Заполните пробелы соответствующими предлогами: up with, down
with, across, out, over
1 Eve came ____________________ with a great idea for a story.
2 Dave came ____________________ a secret passage in the castle.
3 A strange feeling came ____________________ me as I walked home.
4 I can't wait for Spielberg's new film to come ____________________.
5 Lee feels ill. He must be coming ____________________ with the flu.