Контрольная работа по английскому языку за 1 полугодие 3 класс Spotlight

Контрольная работа за 1 полугодие 3 класс
Task 1. Choose the correct answer.
1. My favourite _____ is Art.
A) ruler B) food C) subject
6. Tom ____ like pizza.
A) does B) doesn’t C) don’t
2. This is my little brother. ___ name is Larry.
A) his B) her C) your
7. We haven’t got ___ water.
A) any B) some C) a
3. They ___ my parents.
A) is B) are C) am
8. Hello! __ am Ken.
A) he B) she C) I
4. I have got ___ chocolate.
A) some B) any C) three
9. 19
A) nineteen B) ninteen C) nine
5. __ she like lemonade?
A) do B) does C) -
10. My daddy ___ pizza.
A) like B) likes C) does like
Task 2. Read and match.
1) What’s your favourite food? _____
A) No, she isn’t. She is my grandma.
2) Who is she? _____
B) She is my sister.
3) Do you like cheese? _____
C) Chicken with rice.
4) What year are you in at school? _____
D) Eleven.
5) How old are you? _____
E) Yes, I do. Yum!
6) Is she your mum? _____
F) I’m in year 4.
Task 3. Write the answer (a word).
one + eleven = ______________
twenty - three = ______________
fifteen - two = ______________
seven + three = ______________
nine + seven = ______________
Task 4. Do the task and read the text aloud .
Task 5. Listen and choose the answer.
1) What have you got in your school bag?
2) Do you like ice cream?
3) Have you got a big family?
4) What have you got in your lunchbox?
Hello! My name is Mike. I have got a big
family: a mother, a father, two brothers and
a sister.
I go to school everyday. I like Maths,
Art and Music. But my favourite subject at
school is PE.
My family and I often go to a cafe. I
like pizza and lemonade, but I don’t like
burgers. My brothers like burgers. And my
little sister likes ice cream.
Read the text. Are these sentences
true (+) or false (-) ?
1. Mike has got two sisters. __
2. Mike doesn’t like PE. __
3. Mike likes burgers. ___
4. Mike’s sister likes ice cream. __