Контрольная работа по английскому языку в 5 классе за 2 четверть

Контрольная работа в 5 классе за 2 четверть
I. Read the text. Answer the questions.
Dolphins live in water but they are not fish. They need air to breathe (дышать). They can stay under the
water for many minutes but then they must come up to the surface (поверхность). Some dolphins live in
the sea, some dolphins live in rivers. They like warm water the best. Sometimes dolphins swim close to
ships (близко к кораблям). They jump out of water again and again. They can swim very fast up to 55
kilometers an hour.
A number of dolphins swimming together are called a «school». There are small dolphins and big
dolphins: some are two or three meters long. Dolphins are not dangerous. They are very clever animals
and they love playing. Dolphins have smiling faces.
1) What do dolphins need? 4) How fast do they swim?
2) Where do they live? 5) How long are dolphins?
3) What do dolphins like? 6) Are dolphins dangerous?
II. Circle the correct answer.
1. Anton is my best friend. I tell he / him everything.
2. This is my aunt. Look at her / she.
3. This is you / your notebook. It is got your name in it.
4. This is my cousin. Look at he / him.
5. Alice is Tom's sister. Do you know him/her?
III. Write in English.
1. Десятый – 4. семнадцатый -
2. третий – 5. первый -
3. пятый - 6. Девятнадцатый –
IV. Fill in: is , are.
1. There … a TV in the bed room. 4. There … 4 books on the shelf.
2. There … 2windows in the kitchen. 5. There armchairs in the living room.
3. There … a lamps on the desk.
V. Write the opposites.
1. thin- 4. fair hair-
2. big- 5. noisy-
3. small nose - 6. short-
VI. Match the questions to the answers.
1. What’s her name?
2. How old is she?
3. Where is she from?
4. Has she got a little brother or a sister?
5. What does she collect?
6. Which are her favourite subjects?
a. Art and PE.
b. She’s 11.
c. Mary.
d. She has got a little brother.
e. She’s from England.
f. Mary collects key rings.