Контрольная работа "Tenses" 9 класс

Контрольная работа «Tenses»
Task 1. Изобразите схематично формулу образования времен Present Simple и Past Simple.
Task 2. Complete these sentences with Present Simple, Past Simple or Future Simple.
1. I want to watch a film. I think (go) to the cinema tomorrow.
2. My mother (return) late from work yesterday.
3. They (do) her morning exercises every day.
4. My husband and I (do) the shopping last week.
5. I think my classmates (take part) in the dancing competition the day after tomorrow.
6. Water (boil) at 100 degrees Celsius.
7. Our ship (sail away) at 4 p. m.
8. She (hear) a strange sound, (look) back, and (see) a huge cat sitting on the table.
9. She (graduate) from school in 2011.
10. I (pass) the exam four times next year.
11. Sometimes she (forget) her key at home.
12. I am hungry. I (order) steak and chips, and you?
13. I (live) with my grandparents in a village during my summer holidays.
14. she (do) always her homework in English?
Task 3. Дети отдыхали в летнем лагере. Однажды вечером раздался сигнал пожарной
тревоги. Используйте глаголы в скобках в Past Continuous, чтобы составить предложения,
которые расскажут нам о том, что каждый из детей делал в тот момент.
(Chris/eat/his/soup) Chris was eating his soup.
1. (Jack/play/football in the sports ground).
2. (Jacob and Alice/ watch/ cartoon/ with their friends).
3. (Ann/read/a book).
4. (Robert/listen/to music).
5. (Angel/draw/a picture/with her friend).
6. (Robert/play/cards/with John).
7. (Peter/prepare/ performance/for the concert).
Task 4. Answer the questions in English. Use Future Continuous.
1. Что Пол будет делать в выходные? (swim in the Black Sea)
2. Что Алиса будет делать в университете? (study languages)
3. Что мама Джона будет делать? (fly to Australia)
4. Что Лиза и ее бабушка будут делать в саду? (water flowers and vegetables)
5. Что Роберт будет делать дома после школы? (play favourite computer game)
Task 5. Complete the sentences with Present Continuous.
1. Look, they (try) to get the car started. But it seems that something is wrong.
2. Can you hear those students? What they (talk) about?
3. What a good weather today. The sun (shine) and we can go for a picnic.
4. I (feel) tired because I do the washing up.
Task 6. Complete the gaps in the text. Use the Present Perfect.
Hello, Boris. I hope you are enjoying your holidays in Australia. Everything is fine at home. Alice
(receive) the exam results from her school recently. She (get) the highest possible point among all
the children. Aunt Anny (sell) her old car and (already/buy) a new blue one. Mother (already/plan)
our next weekend holidays. We are going to aqua park. Father (be) to India twice since the time you
left. He has so much to tell you. And I (get) a confirmation letter about my internship in the law
firm. So everything is good. Come home. We miss you.
Task 7. Определите время в следующих предложениях.
1. Trevor has lost his keys. So he can’t open the door.
2. When I woke up, the rain already had stopped.
3. I hope I will have finished my test by 12 p. m.
4. The film turned out to be much longer than we had expected.
5. My sister has just left for the bank.
6. The girls were good friends. They had known each other for 5 years.
7. Mother will have laid the table before we come.
8. I have never tried Japanese food.
9. Ted was so happy because his dream had come true.
10. We have been to Paris many times.
Task 8. Use Present Perfect Continuous, Past Perfect Continuous или Future Perfect Continuous in
the following sentences.
to teach
1. She … England since 1986.
2. She … England for 35 years by the year of 2021.
3. She … England for 4 hours when her student fell asleep.
to ride a horse
4. Jane … for three hours before she reached the town.
5. Jane … for a whole hour!
6. Jane … for six hours by the time you get here.
Task 9. Make up sentences in Future Perfect Continuous.
1. John and Liza/to build/their house/for a year by Easter?
2. My parents/ to run/this cafe/for six years/by next September.
3. By 2 o’clock/ they/to play volleyball/for three hours.
4. By 6 o’clock/the students/to write/the test for two hours and a half.
5. By next Wednesday/Henry/to train/for the competition/for ten months.