Байшағанова П.Б. Dunno and his friends learn adjectives. (англ.яз., 6 кл.)

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Dunno and his friends learn adjectives English, grade 6

P. Baishaganova

Aktobe, 2021

Let‘s help Dunno and his friends go through a series of exercises. Attention! If you make a mistake, you have to start all over again! Good luck!


You made a mistake

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Be careful when Be careful when completing tasks!

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Task 1 The Alps are (high) than the Urals. 


the higher


Task 2  This garden is the (beautiful) in our town. 

more beautiful


most beautiful

Task 3 Is the word «newspaper» (long) than the word «book»?

the longer



Task 4 The Thames is (short) than the Volga. 

the shortest



Task 5 This book is (interesting) of all I have read this year.

more interesting


the most interesting

Well done! Dunno and his friends coped with all the tasks.


Explanatory note This resource was developed on the subject «English» for the 6th grade on a cross -cutting topic «Degrees of adjectives». We realize the learning objectives:
  • - understand independently specific information and detail in short, simple texts on a limited range of general and curricular topics;
  • - recount some extended stories and events on a limited range of general and curricular topics
  • The resource conforms to the requirements of the updated program
Used sources
  • Master Class
  • Icons
  • Dunno
  • Chamomile
  • Steklyashkin
  • Sad dunno
  • Warning Dunno
Perizat Baishaganova
  • An English language teacher
  • Teacher-moderator
  • baurzhanovnap@mail.ru