Задания "Present Simple Tense" 3 класс

Задания по теме «Present Simple Tense»
3 класс
1. Выбери из предложенных вариантов правильный и запиши его.
1. We (play / plays) ping-pong in the school gym.
2. My friend (don’t /doesn’t) skate very well.
3. They (don’t / doesn’t) have brothers.
4. He (can / can’t) dance, but not very well.
5. I (don’t / doesn’t) live in Britain.
6. Ann (leave / leaves) in Italy.
7. Steve and his friends (don’t / doesn’t) play together at school.
8. She (love / loves) spring very much.
9. Polly (isn’t / aren’t) from France.
10. Mary (doesn’t / don’t) swim in the morning.
2. Найди соответствие между вопросами и ответами на них.
1. Where are you from?
a) We are Nick and Sam.
2. Where are they?
b) We are from Canada.
3. Is summer hot?
c) I’m thirsty.
4. How old are you, Ben?
d) I’m 12 years old.
5. What’s the matter, Meg?
e) They are in the USA.
6. What are your names?
f) Yes, it is.
7. What’s the time?
g) It’s six o’clock.