Контрольная работа "Present Simple Tense"

Контрольная работа «Present Simple Tense»
Задание 1. Переведите на русский язык:
1. He gets up at 7 o’clock in the morning.
2. I go to the Black Sea every year.
3. Mary lives in Italy.
4. Sometimes we watch TV in the evening.
5. Does your friend speak French?
6. Sam works at the police office.
Задание 2. Раскройте скобки и поставьте глаголы в Present Simple:
1. We (to like) big dogs.
2. You (to cook) well?
3. Rex (to live) in a doghouse.
4. Barbie (to be) very clever.
5. She (to speak) Chinese.
6. I (not to drink) coffee in the evening.
Задание 3. Выберите из двух вариантов один верный:
1. Ann watch / watches TV every day.
2. My parents go / goes to work in the morning.
3. I help / helps my mother.
4. My sisters do / does sports after classes.
5. My brother and I have / has lunch at home.
Задание 4. Вставьте в пропуски “Door Does”.
1. ___ you watch DVD after school?
2. ___ your father cook dinner?
3. ___ Ann and Kate never eat chocolate?
4. ___ Jane read books in the evening?
5. ___ my friend do sports in the morning?
Задание 5. Исправьте ошибки:
1.We likes to read fairy tales.
2. Ben have two sisters.
3. My granny watch TV every evening.
4. My friends eats many apples.
5. He come to his office at 9 o’clock.
6. Ann and Kate sleeps.
Задание 6. Поставьте предложения в отрицательную и вопросительную
формы в Present Simple:
1. Susan likes English.
2. We asks questions.
3. Kitty likes ice cream.
4. The baby cries a lot.
5. I wash my hands before and after meals.
Задание 7. Распределите глаголы по трем колонкам:
Start, stand, switch, do, reach, finish, mix, speak, say, study, carry, fix, drink, brush
- s
- es
Дополнительные задания:
1. Выберите из двух вариантов один верный:
2. The Earth goes / go round the sun.
3. Does your wife arrive / arrives on Monday?
4. I don’t understand / understands this sentence.
5. Don’t / doesn’t talk so loudly, I hear / hears you well.
6. How often do / does you go / goes to the dentist?
2. Do,does,don’t, doesn’t:
1.______________ She take her bus?
Yes, she ……...
2.______ I need my book?
No, you …….
3._________ an elephant eat leaves?
Yes, it ……
4._________ you want milk?
No, I…..
5.______________ She go to the swimming pool?
Yes, she ……...
6.______ I sleep a lot?
No, you …….
7._________ an elephant eat leaves?
Yes, it ……
8._________ you like meat?
No, I…..
3. Перепишите предложения, заменив имеющееся местоимение на he
или she.
1. I drink milk for breakfast.
2. They go to the cinema every Sunday.
3. You often miss the train.
4. We brush our teeth after meals.
5. They tidy their bedroom every week.
6. I catch the bus to school every morning.
7. We buy the newspaper on Saturdays.
__________8. I take a shower in the morning.
4. Вставьте вместо пропусков do или does.
1. _______ you like milk?
2. _______ Tim work in a factory?
3. _______ the bus arrive on time?
4. _______ they speak English?
5. _______ the dog bark loudly at night?
6. _______ Susan play football?
7. _______ Mark and you go to the cinema in the evening?