Входной контроль по английскому языку 9 класс Spotlight

Входной контроль по английскому языку
9 класс
1. Complete the sentences using Conditionals II Conditionals III
1. If I were you, I __________ (do) it now.
2. If Boris __________ (visit) me, I would lend him my tools.
3. If Valera had had the book, he __________ (lend) it to me.
4. If Masha helped in the kitchen, she __________ (get) more pocket money.
5. If you __________ (come), you would see him.
2 Use correct form in Present Perfect Continuous.
1. The vegetables (boil) since 10 o’clock.
2. He (wait) for her answer for six months.
3. My sister (send) job applications for 3 months.
4. I (try) to find my documents since last Sunday.
5. They (learn) Japanese for a couple of years.
3. Change the direct speech into reported speech.
1. Peter said: "I like night clubs, but I don’t like restaurants."
2. Mary said to Peter: "I must go to work, I can’t go to the night club with you."
3. Peter said: "I am going alone!".
4. Mary said: "Peter! You’ve eaten all my spaghetti!"
5. Peter said: "I didn’t eat your spaghetti, it was the dog!"
4. Correct the mistakes.
1. When she was younger, she has played tennis every day.
2. It’s already 10:00, but Jane hasn’t finished her homework already.
3. Joe crashed his car three times since Christmas.
4. Did you done your homework, or have you been watching TV?
5. Karl has been driving since five years.