Тест по чтению 5 класс учебник Spotlight 5

Тест по чтению для 5 класса
учебник Spotlight 5
Read about Sally's favourite place. Answer True or False.
Sally's favourite place is in the north of England. It's called Pendle Hill and it's
about 15 kilometres from her house. She goes there with her sister, Rebecca. It's
cold on the hill and the grass is very green but there aren't many trees. You can go
up the hill and look down on cows, horses, some old houses and a lake. It's quiet
on the hill, too, because there aren't any tourists or cars.
Rebecca and Sally go to Pendle Hill to walk and watch birds. They leave their
house early in the morning and often ride to Pendle village. They usually leave
their bikes at a friend's house in the village and walk up the hill. They sometimes
take a picnic with them and come home late in the afternoon.
1. Pendle Hill is in England.
2. Rebecca is Sally's friend.
3. Pendle Hill is next to Sally's house.
4. Pendle Hill has got a lot of trees.
5. You can see a lake from Pendle Hill.
6. Cars make Pendle Hill a noisy place.
7. You can see birds on Pendle Hill.
8. Rebecca and Sally have a friend in Pendle village.
9. Rebecca and Sally ride up Pendle Hill.
10. Rebecca and Sally always have a picnic on Pendle Hill.