Презентация "Choosing a profession" 11 класс

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Choosing a profession Today’s world of jobs
  • That’s why more flexibility is required from the workforce. If a young person wants to succeed in the 21st century labour market , self-investment in some certain skills and personal qualities is absolutely essential. To make a good career he or she should be quick to learn and adaptable.
Today’s world of jobs A list of the most popular professions
  • 1. Manager, Director.
  • 2. Psychologist, qualified HR-specialist.
  • 3. Specialist in SMM, a crisis manager.
  • 4. Programmer, system administrator.
  • 5. Skilled worker: fitter, electrician, welder.
  • 6. Designer and stylist.
  • 7. Accountant.
  • 8. Journalist.
  • 9. Expert on innovation.
  • 10.Doktor, teacher.
The highest paid profession
  • Managing director of investment bank (earning per year more than 3 million dollars).
  • President Petroleum Company (earned between $ 2.4 million per year).
  • Chairman of the Commercial Bank (average salary starts at $ 1.8 million).
  • Director of analytical department of the investment bank (a million dollars a year).
  • Director General for heavy industry.
  • Head of investment bank or oil company.
  • Senior managers in the field of advertising, marketing and construction.
  • Head of Legal Department.
  • Chief Accountant.
  • Singer, actress and television personality.
Reasons for work
  • People work for 2 sets of reasons: extrinsic (for a wage, to earn money) and intrinsic (for the interest and enjoyment of the job, for the companionship, for the status and the sense of identity).
Reasons for work Why is the problem so pressing?
  • The choice of the future profession is a very delicate topic. The problem is really rather urgent and acute because you have very little time to solve it. And making the wrong decision can result in many troubles in future.
Why is the problem so pressing? How to make a decision
  • The first step towards making a decision is to find out our talents. It is good to bear in mind the professions of your parents because they often have similar abilities, though it is not a must.
  • We have many possibilities to solve the problem: we can consult a psychologist or ask someone you respect for advice.
How to make a decision How to make a decision
  • Another opportunity to understand your preferences is to attend some extra classes or work during summer holidays. It is necessary to realize the advantages and disadvantages of the job chosen.
How to make a decision Advantages and disadvantages of the profession.
  • Lawyer
  • Advantages: Career prospects and wages are endless. Disadvantages: You have to protect both the innocent and guilty defendants, it is difficult psychologically. Unstable incomes.
  • Actor
  • Advantages: fame. High salary, if it comes fame. Disadvantages: It's hard to get into this profession. Long working hours.
  • Accountant
  • Advantages: High demand in the labor market. High salaries. Good career prospects. Disadvantages: Constant calculations, work with documents. Huge responsibility.
  • Doctor
  • Advantages: One of the most extreme professions. Saved lives.

    Disadvantages: Low pay. Sometimes have to deal with the rudeness and crudeness. Not all cases can be helped by constant stress.

  • Designer
  • Advantages: Creative work. Opportunity to become a famous couturier.

    Disadvantages: indispensable. Nervous work - sometimes the customer does not know what he wants. Should be ready for extensive travel to objects. Long working hours.

  • Journalist
  • Advantages: Interesting, creative work. The great demand for professionals in the labor market. You can work as a freelance journalist in several publications.

    Disadvantages: Irregular working hours. Intense competition in the labor market. The salary is small.

  • Psychologist
  • Advantages: An interesting creative work. Ability to solve the real problems of the people.

    Disadvantages: Jobs for people with a stable psyche.

  • Translator
  • Advantages: Ability to communicate with different people, learn the culture of other countries, to go to a trip abroad.

    Disadvantages: High competition in the labor market.

  • Programmer
  • Advantages: One of the most popular professionals. The ability to create new programs, creative work. Opportunity to work not only in Russia but also abroad.

    Disadvantages: High competition in the labor market. Hard work. Large burden on the eyes. Work that requires great patience and attention.

  • Economist
  • Advantages: Universality - you can find a job in any economy. High demand in the labor market. 

    Disadvantages: patient work with numbers, not all of which seem interesting. Great responsibility - from your payment to the success of the company. Intense competition in the labor market.

My priorities
  • My priorities have changed with years. When I was small, what I valued was the interest and enjoyment of the job. Of course it is important to mind your bent for a job not to be torn apart between your job and your nature. But now I take into account some other criteria too.
My priorities
  • What matters to me is pay.
  • Besides we can’t but keep in mind the job security, convenient location, good prospects of promotion.
My priorities My priorities
  • What I mostly take into consideration is the working day. I’d like to avoid night shifts or working late. I don’t want to put up with working under pressure from 9 to 5. I feel like having flexible working hours. I mean piecework or working from home. I can’t do without freedom. I can’t stand taking responsibility for others – I’d rather work on my own, freelance to be exact.
My priorities My priorities
  • But what turns the scale is the creativity of the job (at least as far as I am concerned).
  • Thus, I am planning to have work which can give me freedom to create, to develop myself and to learn new things.
Give names to the descriptions of these jobs:
  • A person whose job is to work with electricity
  • A person who owns a travel agency or works there and whose business is to arrange travels
  • A person who makes and sells medicine
  • A person who prepares or organizes a newspaper, periodical or books
  • A person who can help people with the law or talk for them in a court
  • A person who works at school and whose job is to teach children
  • A person trained to look after sick animals
  • A person who welcomes people arriving at a hotel, at a place of business, visiting a doctor
  • A person who does work to improve bad social conditions and help people in need
Give names to the descriptions of these jobs: 10. A person who works in a hospital and helps doctors 11. A person who can repair the pipes in the bathroom 12. A person who makes a plan of a house you are going to build 13. A person who can repair your broken wooden things 14. A person who works in a shop and helps the customers to find what they want 15. A person who types papers and helps her boss 16. A person who cuts, washes and styles women’s hair 17. A person who takes pictures 18. A person who mends or pulls out bad teeth 19. A person whose job is to stop a fire ANSWERS

1-an electrician

2-a travel agent

3-a chemist

4-an editor

5-a lawyer

6-a teacher

7-a vet

8-a receptionist

9-a social worker

10-a nurse

11-a plumber

12-an architect

13-a carpenter

14-a shop assistant

15-a typist

16-a hairdresser

17-a photographer

18-a dentist

19-a fireman

Supply the best word or Words 1. The person in charge of a business is in formally knows as a) Chef b)chief c)boss 2. The person who is in charge of a car in the a)Guide b)leader c)motorist d)driver e)conductor 3. The person who prepares food is a a)cook b)cooker 4. The person who works in an office is an a)officer b)office worker 5. The person who takes photographs is a a)photograph b) photographer c)photography 6. The person who know how to use a keyboard is a a)typewriter b)typist c)typing machine 7. A woman who looks after other people’s children is a a)nanny b)nurse 8. The person you work with is your a)college b)colleague c)collaborator Supply the best word or Words 9. The person who is in charge of a restaurant is the a)patron b)manager 10. The person who would service your car is a)mechanic b)engineer c)technician 11. The person who studies the origin of the universe is a a)physicianb b)physicist c)physics 12. Another word for a doctor is a a)physicianb b) physicist c)medicine 13. The person who teachers you at school is a a)teacher b)professor c)student 14. If you are one of the people waiting to be served in a shop you are a a)client b)customer c)patient d)guest 15. . If you serve people who come into a shop, you are a a)official b)shop assistant c)attendant d)clerk