Презентация "The beginning of the school year" 11 класс

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The beginning of the school year Presentation was prepared by English Teacher – Litvinova Svetlana Leonidovna; the 10th Form Student – Maria Gordienko Novocherkassk – 2019 Your expectations at the beginning of the school year
  • Most importantly-waiting for new knowledge, discoveries! I like to study because it is interesting! Every day I discover something new and unexpected... for me it is the beginning of the way to the new, unknown, interesting. I will make every effort not only not to lose the accumulated Luggage, but also to increase it with new knowledge. Of course, I am in favor of increasing the autumn, winter and spring holidays for half a week, although you can live like this. I expect that this year will be the most difficult and very eventful for me. But, despite the upcoming difficulties , I am sure that my first year at school will be bright and fun.
your concerns at the beginning of the school year
  • I really hope that everything will turn out well, I will have new friends! Want. we studied five days a week and had two days off! School is great! I miss all of the classmates and teachers! I hope that learning will not be as difficult as we were told and will remain my favorite teacher! Will try very hard. Can be a bit have rest - we in 10! I want to have more free time! I want some drive from school life, because there are only two years left to be able to remember something-more fun, good mood and less twos! I hope my parents will temporarily leave me behind with their lectures about the complexity of adult life and how good it is when you study well! May 10 class will be long, because we don't get any exams!
your feelings on the first day of school
  • The first day of school is a little unusual. You're a little nervous when teachers ask you where to go and what to do. Feelings mingled in incomprehensible confusion. Many of the students already want to go home as soon as possible, and some even drop out of school. Many people want to learn, but this is rare in our time.
things you like about school
  • I really like my school, because I met new friends there and still communicate with them. At school, I like to learn new things and discover new horizons and opportunities. My school and teachers gave me a lot for the future.
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