Презентация "Important qualities for a successful career" 11 класс

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Important qualities for a successful career English Teacher – Litvinova Svetlana Leonidovna; the 11th Form Student – EMIRBEKOVA DIANA Novocherkassk – 2019 Success in the broad sense of the word implies a whole range of concepts:
  • Harmony in the main spheres of life;
  • Self-realization and disclosure of creative potential;
  • Life with satisfaction;
  • Occupation is not easy "profitable" business, but such activity which brings true sense and pleasure to life.
Qualities on which your career depends.

Everyone has the opportunity to look back, but the chance to change something is not always. Certain qualities of a person sometimes become decisive when it comes to a new position or promising career advancement. Achievements can become a pattern, not an accident, if you consciously develop features that demonstrate your loyalty to the principles and commitment.

First of all, success is how happy a person is at the moment. The usual image of a successful careerist can not be a standard of success, because high – paid work and wealth-not the only meaning of life and joy of man.

Personality traits are ingrained individual characteristics of a person.

When the habit of certain actions and attitudes regularly repeated and reinforced, it becomes a character trait. Like habits, traits may change. However, this will require a lot of time, effort and perseverance. Compared with habits, traits are more difficult to change.

To develop new skills, you can imagine that these skills are already formed, and begin to act on this view. It is recommended every day, morning and evening, to model in the brain a situation where you have already achieved the goal and show the desired quality. To do this better lying down, with closed eyes. Thus, new neural connections are created in the brain. Then in a similar situation in real life it will be easier for the brain to switch to the new desired reactions.


It is also important to distinguish between laziness and fatigue to move forward. Fatigue is when you come home, fall on the sofa and you have no strength to do anything else. Laziness is when there are other tasks that could be done, but you choose something else instead.

In my opinion, nevertheless, the ideal worker is the one who will strive for knowledge, for self-development, for kindness, to have self-confidence, in their abilities.