Презентация "British castles: from the very beginning till nowadays" 6 класс

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«British castles: from the very beginning till nowadays» Aim of coursework: to find information about English castles and investigate them. Classification of British castles

Castles of the 8th century (The Leeds Castle)

Castles of the 11th century (The Warwick Castle)

Castles of the 13th century (The Halleck Castle)

The British Castles

British Castles nowadays

Fortress (The Dover Castle)

Royal residence (Windsor Castle)

Museums (The Tower of London)

Map of Great Britain The Dover Castle. The Warwick Castle. The Leeds Castle. Windsor Castle. Hampton Court. Castles with ghosts. Conclusion. I have studied a lot of information about English castles, their origin, architecture, and also about their owners. The castles have always played a great role in the history of Britain, castles are tangible relics of a remarkable past, a lengthy heritage etched in stone, as well as with the blood and sweat of those who built, labored, fought, and died in their shadow. Ruins stir up in us a profound awareness of those past lives. Castles have a timelessness that is awe-inspiring. That they have endured centuries of warfare and the effects of weather is a testimony to the creativity and power of their medieval owners. So, if you happen to be in Britain some day you should visit all the ruined castles and who knows, you may be the lucky one who will meet the spirit of Queen Victoria or some other famous people`s ghosts.