Презентация "My Favourite recipes" 6 класс

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Presentation on the theme: “My Favourite recipes” in the 6 Form School Gymnasium # 113 Prepared English Teacher: Li A. N. Almaty 2017-2018 school year Favourite recipes Grate, slice, bake, fry, boil mix, sprinkle, peel, cut a) Take three bananas and an apple. b) Wash the fruit. c) Cut it into pieces. d) Add some lemon juice. e) Mix with cream. f) Add some tomatoes. g) Put some pieces of orange on the top. Fruit Iceberg salad recipe



Some apples


2 bananas


5 strawberries


A spoonful of yogurt


Some ice cream



Cooking instructions

_____ some_____ and _____ them. Take 2 bananas. _____ the fruit into pieces. _____ 5 strawberries. _____ with a _____. You don’t need any sugar. ____ some _____ on the top. Enjoy your fruit salad.

Homework: Borsch recipe Slide 1 – Cover list slide 2, 3, 4 – Name the fruits and vegetables Slide 5 , 6 - studying new words, writing them in the copybooks Slide 7 – class devides into 2 groups for preparing fruit-vegetable salad Slide 8 – preparing fruit salad Iceberg Slide 9 –instruction of preparing salad slide 10 – cooking instruction, insert words Slide 11 – hometask is to prepare Borsch and write Recipe