Презентация "This is my school!" 4 класс

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This is my school! Урок английского языка. 4 класс Учитель: Буцкая Анна Альбертовна The motto of our lesson: We see, hear, speak, do and all will be OK! What school do you go to? Do you like going to school? Why? What marks do you usually get? This is my school!
  • Art -ИЗО a board - доска a classroom – классная комната a desk – парта (ученический стол) easy - легкий a homework diary - дневник a lunchbox – коробка для завтрака a notebook - тетрадь a noticeboard – доска для объявлений a paint - краски
  • PE - физкультура a pen - ручка a pencil - карандаш a pencil case - пенал primary (school) – начальная школа a ruler - линейка a schoolbag – портфель a snack – легкая закуска a subject - предмет a textbook - учебник
Let`s remember the construction there is/are is (ед. ч) There …предмет… in…место… are (мн. ч) There is/are
  • There……..a desk in the room.
  • There …………two desks in the room.
  • There………… a map in the room.
  • There …………. five maps in the room.
  • There……..a ruler in the school bag.
  • There ……three textbooks in the school bag.
  • There………… a pen in the school bag.
  • There …………. a pencil in the school bag.
“What have you got in your school bag?”
  • I have got …
  • He\she has got …
Open your textbooks, page 52, exercise 2. Look at the example and do this exercise. - What is the English for “дневник”? - A homework diary - What is the Russian for “pencil”? - What is this? / What is that? - Is this a pen in your school bag? - Yes, there is. Here it is. - Have you got a pen in your school bag? - Yes, I have. Here it is. Your home task is: Activity book, Unit 4, page 21 exercise 1, SB page 52, exercise 3.1) School
  • 1. Синквейн
  • -Look at the screen and name to me 1)one noun 2) two adjectives 3) three verbs 4) your opinion about school
Thank you for the lesson