Тест "Interrogative Sentences"

Interrogative Sentences
Put questions to the underlined words.
1. I have dinner at 6 o’clock in the evening.
2. I like strong tea.
3. My granny runs the house perfectly.
4. My dresses are very nice.
5. Her husband has got a very interesting job.
6. Mary is a nice girl.
7. Olga and Max are playing chess.
8. I’ll buy a new doll for my daughter when I go shopping.
9. A new school is being built in our district.
10. He has to spend a lot of money on his education.
11. They were at the zoo last week.
12. Сolumbus discovered America in 1492.
13. There is my pen.
14. I go to work on foot.
15. Moscow was founded by Y.Dolgoruki in 1147.
16. She is 16 years old.
17. He bought a new car yesterday.
18. I have been learning English all my life!
19. She is reading a book now.
20. I have got four cats at home.