Презентация "The United States of America" 9 класс

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The United States of America Mezentzeva Maria 2019 Content
  • Name of the country.
  • State symbols and the Flag.
  • Population and ethnic groups.
  • Main cities and the capital.
  • Geographical features.
Name of the country
  • The official or political name of the country is THE UNITED STATES OF America because the country consist of 50 states . The country is usually known by a shorter name or the abbreviation THE USA or THE US.
States symbols and ethnic Flag .
  • The first flag was called The Grand Union flag . It combined the flag of Great Britain wish the thirteen stripes .
Population and ethnic groups
  • 61.8 million
  • English, Shots,Welsh,Irish,other nations
Main cities and the capital
  • The capital of the United states of America is Washington D.C.
Geographical features .
  • Location –Europe
  • Borders – Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium,Scandinavian countries.
  • Highest Mountains – Ben Nevis,in the Highland of Scotland ,1.343 metres .
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