Тест "Условные предложения" 11 класс

Form 11 Variant1
1. Complete the sentences, putting the verbs into the correct form.
1. The unfortunate pupil wished he_______ (not to forget) to learn the rule.
2. I wish I ________(to have) a season ticket to the Caribbean’s next winter.
3. I wish I_______ (to consult) the teacher when I first felt that maths was too difficult.
4. If the teenager_________ (to collect) his thoughts, he would have won the competition.
5. If she finished her research, she_________ (to take part) in the conference.
6. If I_________ (to have) something to say to a man, I’ll tell it to his face.
7. What _____ you____ (to do) if you won 500 dollars?
8. If the weather had been sunny and warm, we __________ (to go) to the country.
9. If they_________ (to know) about the consequences, they wouldn’t have dropped that
cigarette pocket.
10. If John_______ (to do) his home task, he’ll go for a walk.
11. If they_________ (to take) care of their pets, the poor puppy and kittens wouldn’t have
got into trouble.
12. Ann would behave well if you_______ (to take) her to a party.
13. If he felt bad, he________ (to stay) in bed.
14. If it______ (to be), I will tell the truth.
15. If we hadn’t relied on him, we_________ not (to be) late.
Form 11 Variant 2
1. Complete the sentences, putting the verbs into the correct form.
1. I love sunny weather. I wish it_______(to be) warm and fine all the year round.
2. I wish I________ (not to lend) Nick my watch: he has broken it.
3. I wish you_________ (to send) word as soon as you arrive.
4. If I _____ (to be) a diplomat, I _________ (to travel) a lot.
5. If I _______ (to listen) to the radio, I _________ (to know) all the news.
6. If he_______ (to find) her telephone number, he _________ (to phone) her.
7. If I ________ (to hear) the noise, I ________ (to open) the door.
8. If Helen ________ (to have) the information, she ________ (to tell) them everything.
9. If she _______ (to feel) well, she _______ (to go) to the mountains.
10. If I ______ (to have) more money, I ________ (to buy) the computer.
11. If he ________ (to wait), he ________ (to meet) them.
12. If we ___________ (to learn) the words, we _________ (to have) a 5 for the dictation.
13. If I ________ (to know) Italian, I __________ (to visit) Italy.
14. If I ________ (to live) near the river, I __________ (to go) swimming every day.
15. If you _________ (to work) hard, you __________ (to get) the job.