Самостоятельная работа "English Painters"

Самостоятельная работа по чтению по теме"English Painters".
William Hogarth.
to flourish-процветать,преуспевать
literary hack-литературный поденщик
to adorn-украшать
moral paintings-картины,связанные свопросами морали
In the 18th century England became a powerful country. Wealth spread to a rising
merchant class and art flourished accordingly. England put forward painters of all
European level. The dominant figure in the first half of the 18th century was Willliam
Hogarth was born in London on November 10, 1697. His father was a scoolmaster
and literaryhack. William did not like to learn very much. Later he wrote: "My
exercises at school were more remarcable for the ornaments which adornedt hem
than for exercise itself." No wonder that later by his own desire he became a pupil of
an engraver.He made engravings on silver and painted book illustrations. By that
time he had studied in the art school of Sir James Thornhill, daughter.
Hogarth painted his pictures in oils and then engraved them.In 1733 he completed
his first great series of moral paintings and became famous as a great and original
Hogarth reflected all aspects of life and culture in his story-pictures. He composed
pictures on canvas similar to representations on the stage. He said, " I treat my
subject as a dramatic writer. My picture is my stage and men and women my
players." He liked to write some commentaries to his pictures.
Hogarth showed everyday life of people with satire and mockery. For example he
painted "The Marriage Contract". It is one of a series of six pictures called
"Marriage". He showed a satirising marriage of the wealthy middle class to the
improverished nobility, which was common in England at that time. The bridegroom
is poor. but from a noble family, while the bride is rich, but she has no title. It is a
bargain on both sides. The other pictures of the series show the continuation of their
family life which ends with the wife s lover killing her husband, and her own suicide.
Even nowadays some theatres in London continue to make performances according
to Hogarth s pictures.
Speaking about William Hogarth, we must mention his popularity as a portrait
painter. For example for one of his portrait pictures he got 200 pounds which was
more than any English artist had ever received for a single portrait.The most
remarcable portraits are: "The ShrimpGiri", "The Artist s Servants" and of course his
selfportrait with his dog Trump. He was a blueeyed. honest little man, sensitive like
most satirists,a good friend, ambitious, and an intractable enemy.
If we regard himself as "author" rather than artist,his place is with the great masters
of literature such as Thackeray and Dickens.
I.Do you remember?
1.When and where was William Hogarth born?
2.What was his father?
3.Did he like to learn? Prove it.
4.Where did he study art?
5.What was his first great series of pictures like?
II.Answer the following questions?
1.How did Hogarth treat his art?
2.What can you sayabout his picture "The Marriage Contract"?
3.Did he have popularity as a portrait painter? Why do you think so?
4.What pictures by Hogarth do you know?
5.Can you compare the pictures of Hogarth with those by a famous Russian painter
Fedotov? Why?