Конспект урока "The Leader of the XXI st century" 8 класс

The theme of the lesson: The Leader of the XXI st century
The aim of the lesson : 1) to develop students’ interests in the subject of
English,to wider students’ scope according to the intercommunication by subjects:
Geography, History.
2) to develop pupils’ communicative skills and abilities through extracurricular
3)to cultivate the feelings of love and responsibility to Motherland
Visual aids: interactive board, pictures
The type of the lesson:Intellectual game
The plan of the game:
I Greeting and Introduction
II Brain Ring
III Do you know that?
IV Polyglot
V Erudite Ring
VI Conclusion
The procedure of the game:
I Greeting and introduction of the game, participants and rules.
II Brain Ring
Good afternoon students, teachers and guests! Welcome to our intellectual show!
We are glad to see you, we hope that you’ll enjoy today’s game.
Language is the main type of means of communication. There are nearly 3000
languages in the world. English and Russian are the languages of an international
communication, they are the languages of Pushkin, Shakesppeare, Lermontov,
Byron, Esenin, Burns, whom we love and respect for their poems, sonnets and
novels. And Kazakh is the language you study at school.
And with the help of Russian and Kazakh we can develop our skills in oral speech
and reading and to be partriots of our Motherland. Well, we begin our game and
let’s meet our participants. They are 9
form Nasradina P, Toibazarova
J,Tanaratova G,
form Bolatova G, Zhaksygalieva A, Mambetiyarova A
Our judges: Sarsenova J, Baizakova G, Mukanbetiyarova G
Our intellectual game will include:
I st round Greeting and Introduction
II nd round Brain Ring
III rd round Do you know that?
IVth round Polyglot a) complete the proverbs and say Kazakh, Russian and
English equivalents.
b) Give the translation of the words into Kazakh and Russian
V Erudite Ring
VI Conclusion
I st round Greeting and Introduction
II nd round Brain Ring Try to answer the questions
The 1
1) Which is the most popular British sport? (Footfall)
2) What ocean seperates Europe from the states? (The Atlantic Ocean)
3) The 1
capital of our Republic (Kyzylorda)
4) The President of the USA? (Barak Obama)
5) How many letters are there in English alphabet? (26)
The 2
1) How many letters are there in Kazakh alphabet? (42)
2) Who was the first woman Prime Minister in Britain? (M.Thatcher)
3) “Clean ”сөзінің антонимі?(Dirty)
4) What is the Day of National Independence in the USA?(July4)
5) What colour is the flag of Kazakhstan? (Light Blue)
The 3
1) How many states are there in the USA?(50)
2) What is the national symbol of England ?( a red rose)
3) Where is the Kazakhstan situated? (Asia)
4) Who was the first President of the USA? (G. Washington)
5) When was the first President of the Republic elected? (in 1991)
The 4
1) Name three main parts of London? (the city,the West End,the East End)
2) In which month is Thanksgiving Day celebrated? (November)
3) The capital of Turkey is? (Ankara)
4) What is the official language of the USA?(English)
5) What is the official language of Japan?(Japaneese)
The 5
1) Which is the largest state in the USA? (Alska)
2) What is the currency of the USA?(dollar)
3) Name the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter)
4) The largest country in the world? (Russia)
5) London is the capital of… (England)
The 6
1)Translate the proverb “Better late than never”(ештен кеш жақсы)
2)When is the St.Valentine’s Day celebrated? (14 February)
3)Who wrote the novel “Abai Zholy”? (M. Auezov)
4)The smallest bird in the world? (Collibri)
5)The capital of Russia? (Moscow)
III rd round Do you know that?
England 20 \ 30\ 40
America 20\ 30\40
Kazakhstan 20\ 30\40
Canada 20\ 30\ 40
England 20 --- The capital of Great Britain ?(London)
30---- How many people live in Great Britain? (57million)
40----The national Emblem of England is (Rose)
America 20--- Who was the first American President? (G.Washington)
30---What oceans is the USA washed by?(The Atlantic and the Pacific
40---- Who is the 43
President of the USA? (G.Bush)
Kazakhstan 20---What is the symbol of freedom in Kazakhstan?(an eagle)
30---In what month is Kazakh New Year celebrated? (In 22
of March)
40---- How many years the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan is
elected for (for 7 years)
Canada 20---The capital of Canada is …. (Ottawa)
30---How many people live in Canada? (32 million)
40---- How many languages Canadians speak? (2 languages English and
IV Polyglot 1) Complete the proverbs
1)Жақсы жаныңа-----? (жолдас,друг,friend)
2) Батыр туса ел ырысы . -----жауса жер ырысы (жаңбыр,дождь,rain)
3) Өз елімнің басы болмасам да
Сайының ---болайын (тас, камень,stone)
4)Ел жаусыз болмас. Жер-болмас (тау, гора, mountain)
5)Жылтырағанның барі--- емес (алтын ,золото,gold)
6)Не істесең де ---- істе
Ойламай іс қылсаң қор боласың (ойлау,думать,think)
2)Give the translation of the words into Russian,English
«Тіл» (язык,language) «Білім»(знание,knowledge)
«Елбасы»(глава государства the head of state)
«Оңтүстік астана»(южная столица,the south capital)
V Erudite Ring
1) Kazakhstan Republic Independence Day is on
a) 25
October b) 16
December c) 30
2) The capital of the USA? a)Washington b) Ottawa c) Berlin
3)What is the currency of Kazakhstan? a)dollar b) pound c) tenge
4)What are there in the national flag of Kazakhstan?
a)sun b) rose c) eagle and sun
5)How many lakes are there in Kazakhstan? a) 3000 b)4000 c) 5000
6) The capital of Germany? a) Ankara b) Berlin c)Madrid
7)The biggest lake in Kazakhstan? a) The Caspian Sea b) Irtish c)Esil
VI Conclusion
Now I think its time to give a word to our judges.
Thank you for your participation. Good-bye! See you tomorrow!