Презентация "20th – 21st century music"

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th _
21st century music
1.Учить учащихся делать сообщения по истории музыки, разбираться в ее
2.Воспитывать музыкальный вкус, умение выделять истинные музыкальные
произведения от быстро уходящих шлягеров.
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Teacher: Dear friends! Today we are going to have an interesting lesson hit parade of
the best music works in the 20
21st century. It is very useful information for all music
fans. It is a lesson of music history. We are also going to listen to some pieces of music.
But first of all, I want you to answer some questions. Look at the screen!
1. What role does music play in your life?
2. Which music do you prefer: classical or popular?
3. Do you like modern or old music?
4. When, where and how do you listen to music?
5. Can you play any musical instruments, dance or sing?
Teacher: And now listen to Victor and Vika our disk jockeys.
Vika: Hi, Victor! What is your favourite hobby?
Victor: Hi, Vika ! Music, of course.
Vika: What kind of music?
Victor: Modern music.
Vika: What’s the main hobby of teenagers?
Victor: I think, music of our time.
Vika: I agree with you. As we know, today music is everywhere. We can’t imagine our
lives without music.
Victor: You are quite right.
Vika: So, let’s talk about the 20
21st century music.
Victor: OK.
Vika: There are many styles in modern music.
Victor: Where is its beginning?
Vika: This is jazz. What’s the time for jazz?
Victor: The 30-s and 40-s years of the 20
Vika: And the birthplace?
Victor: The USA.
Vika: Will you tell us about jazz, Kristina and Vika?
- Jazz is improvised music. Jazz grew out of Negro blues in about 1900. Traditional
jazz developed in New Orleans, a port n Louisiana. In the 1920s in New Orleans
beautiful music filled the streets and cafes. The black and poor singers sang about
their hard lives. Their music, jazz and blues soon traveled to Europe.
- The first well-known jazz-soloist was Louis Armstrong. He introduced new ideas to
jazz and was known as the King of Jazz». Jazz spread to Chicago and Kansas city.
And later to New York, as Negroes traveled north looking for job. White people
began playing, bands grew bigger. One of the best bands was led by Duke
Wellington, possibly the greatest composer in the history of jazz.
(Видеозапись джазовой песни “Chattanooga Choo Choo” by H. Warren, M.
Vika: Jazz is perfect. But what were the new styles?
Victor: Let’s ask Vika and Dasha.
- In the 1940s and 1950s new styles of music appeared. Swing, rock-n-roll and singers
like Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry destroyed the laws of morality. In the 1950s
Elvis Presley became the king of rock-n-roll in the USA. The music traveled to
Europe soon. It was especially popular among the teenagers. The parents were really
shocked by the music their children adored. The young people disagreed with their
parents, wore jeans and danced to their rock-n-roll records.
- Elvis Presley was known as The King of rock-n-roll”. He was born in Mississippi in
1935. at the age of 13 Elvis and his family moved to Memphis, Tennessee. There
Elvis recorded his first song in 1954. He sold millions of records, served in the army,
and appeared in 33 films. Elvis’ songs are still popular today. People love to imitate
him. We can listen to one of his best songs “Love me tender» in a very nice Russian
film “An American Daughter”.
( Видеозапись песни Элвиса Пресли “ Love me tender”.)
Vika: The king of rock-n-roll was Elvis Presley and who was the Kings of music in the
Victor: The Beatles were, and their birthplace was in Liverpool, Great Britain. Alina and
Sasha , you want to go on talking about “The Beatles”, don’t you?
- As the music of that time was too soft and tidy. The new generation of the 60s wanted
something more energetic and powerful. In the 1960s in Great Britain a new band was
created “The Beatles”. John Lennon and Paul McCartney were writing simple songs
and performing them to brilliantly that they gave a new impulse for the development
of the musical community
- Other members of the famous group were George Harrison and Ringo Star, Such
songs as “yesterday”, “Let it be”, “love me do”, “Yellow Submarine” made them the
most popular band not only in England, but throughout the world as well. From the
British Isles their music quickly traveled to Europe, America and other continents.
Early in 1964 was soon called “Beatlemania”. Their music inspired hundreds to create
new music.
Victor: Let’s sing the song “Yesterday” together
(Видеозапись песни Пола Маккарти Yesterday”)
Vika: Do you know, Victor, that the 70s was the time of revolution in rock music?
Victor: Really? Why?
Vika: Nastya and Dinara, will you tell us about rock music?
- The gentle mood in the music has gone. The music became aggressive. It was a
protest against the order. The styles are Hard Rock, Heavy metal, Trash metal. The
main groups are “Deep Purple”, “Led Zeppelin”, “Metallica”, “Pink Floyd”.
- Pink Floyd”, an English group which performs in the style of acid rock: electronic
equipment for lights and sounds, special effects, intensely vivid sounds. The album”The
Wallis very interesting. The main character of the songs is a person who was a child,
then a teenager, and at last a young man, but in any age he sees a wall of
misunderstanding. He wants to find the way out, but no result. I think, the songs are
more tragically then aggressive.
Victor: Let’s listen to Pink Floyd.
( Видеозапись песен из альбома Пинк Флойд The Wall”.
Vika:What are the traits of the music in the 80s- 90s? Kostya will tell us about them.
- It is interesting that no single style was set. We can see a lot of new styles: “disco”,
“new wave”, ‘punk”, “rap”, “hip-hop”. Let’s take ABBA , a Swedish music group,
internationally famous and popular with people of all ages.
(Видеозапись песни ABBA “I have a dream…”)
Victor: And what about the rock, Rafik?
- As for Hard Rock it turned into Techno Rock with its machine-made sounds, showing
civilization of machines doing every thing better, faster than human. The groups are
“The Kraftwerk” and “Scooter” from Germany, “Depeche Mode” and “Prodigy” from
Great Britain.
(Видеозапись группы “ Scooter”, композиция “ Space cowboy”)
Vika: What can you say about the music of our 21st century, Alisa?
Techno metal and electronic Rock with groups; Linken Park” from the USA,
“Rammstein” from Germany from one side and pop singers like Madonna, Michael
Jackson, Spice Girls, Backstreet boys, Bretney Spears from the other,
Victor: Tastes differ and I think everybody can choose his or her supper. Pop music is
good for having rest. Let’s listen to pop music.
(Видеозапись одной из песен Bretney Spears)
Vika: Dear friends! As we all know one of our classmates is fond of music, likes singing
and plays the guitar well. Do you know who this is?
Victor: Nikita, you are welcome!
Vika: It is brilliant! Let’s thank him (clapping)
Teacher: That’s a pity but our time is out. I think that you liked our lesson because I
know that music is a part of your life. Today you know about it much more, I suppose.
Thank you for your participation. Each of you who told us about music gets a “five”.