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Be Russian – buy Russian

Dozdova Zlata, Trofimova Kseniya

The most popular food is borsch, and pancakes.

Borsch as a traditional Russian dish, and pancakes are traditional for the holiday.

Arriving-прибывающий ,приезд

Borsch is a traditional Russian soup.

It consists of:

  • meat
  • potato
  • carrots
  • cabbage
  • beets (she makes soup red maroon color)

Pancakes are a traditional Russian dish for the holiday called Maslenitsa

Russia is a cold country and soup like borsh will make you hot . A special case if you come on holiday like Maslenitsa. On this day, you will be greeted with love, kindness and you will lead round dances, and also you should try hot pancakes.

Arriving-прибывающий ,приезд

According – согласно

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