Тест "Present Perfect Tense"

Present Perfect Tense
1. Choose the correct variant
Задание 1.
They …
has just arrived.
have just arrived.
have arrived just.
Задание 2.
She … .
has already gone
have already gone
has already go
Задание 3.
… the new book yet?
You have read
Have you read
Has you read
Задание 4.
I … here for 6 years.
have live
have liven
have lived
Задание 5.
He … a teacher of English since 2009.
has be
have been
has been
Задание 6.
I … this film eight times.
‘ve seen
‘ve saw
‘s seen
Задание 7.
… to Disneyland?
Has you been ever
Has you ever been
Have you ever been
Задание 8.
He … the bike.
has never fallen off
haven’t ever fallen off
have never fallen off
Задание 9.
He … to India, but he will go there soon.
not has been
haven’t been
hasn't been
Задание 10.
It is the first time he … a mountain.
has climbed
has climbt
has climbing
2. Correct the mistakes using Present Perfect where necessary.
Задание 1.
He just left the party.
Задание 2.
We has not seen each other ever since he got married.
Задание 3.
You will not come out until you finished tidying up.
Задание 4.
I will call as soon as I will arrive at the airport.
Задание 5.
I have not play tennis since I have broke my arm in 1996.