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Healthy lifestyle

What do you do for it? Would you like to live a long life?

What is bad for our healthy?

What is true and what is false?

Scientists say that in the future people will live to 90 or 100 instead of 70 and 75 like today.

Doctors say that chips and pizzas are healthy.

Cola spoils our teeth and coffee shortens our lives.

If we eat too much, we’ll become obese, and obesity leads to heart disease, diabetes and other serious illnesses.

Europe is the world’s leader in obesity and America is quickly catching up.

Lack of exercise is not serious problem.

Research shows that young people who don’t take enough exercise often suffer from heart attacks.

Smoking and drinking can shorten our lives.

For most people smoking and drinking mean disease and even death.


Fast rood

Lack of exercise

Smoke and drink




(Prepositions of Place)



(Prepositions of Movement)


(Prepositions of Time)

At what time?

Prepositions of Place

Prepositions of Movement

Prepositions of Time

  • The woman is standing … the table.
  • The woman is standing … the computer.
  • The mouse is … the table.
  • The keyboard is … the computer.
  • The computer is … the table.




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1) The waiter is standing … the table.

2) The man is sitting … the table.

3) The waiter has a cloth draped … his arm.

4) The man is pointing … the menu.


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I'm Peter and I live in Germany. In summer I like to travel to Italy, because of the weather and the people there. Last summer I took a plane from Munich to Rome. From the airport we went to our hotel by bus. We stopped at a small restaurant for a quick meal. The driver parked the bus behind the restaurant. Nobody could find the bus and the driver, so we waited outside the restaurant for one hour. The driver was walking through the small park near the restaurant which we did not know. So we were very angry with him. But my holidays were great. We sat round campfires and went dancing till the early mornings.