Конспект урока "Our hobbies" 6 класс

Тема урока: “Our hobbies” / «Наши увлечения».
Класс: 6
Образовательные цели:
Обобщить лексико-грамматический материал по теме “Хобби и интересы”.
Совершенствовать навыки монологической речи.
Практиковать учащихся в чтении, аудировании и письме.
Развивающие цели:
Развивать способность к речевому общению на АЯ.
Повышать общую мотивацию с помощью творческой (проектной) работы
Воспитательные цели:
Способствовать развитию самостоятельности школьников.
Воспитывать внимательное отношение к людям.
Воспитывать у обучаемых интерес к изучению английского языка
Материалы и оборудование доска, раздаточный материал, компьютер, проектор, CD.
Ход урока.
1. Организационный момент. 1 слайд
T: Good morning dear boys and girls! I am very glad to see you. How are you?
P: We are fine, thank you.
T: OK. I see you are ready. Sit down, please. Let’s begin our lesson.
What date is it today?
What day of week is it?
What is the weather like today?
2. Знакомство с темой урока. 2 слайд
T: Look at the screen, please. Here you can see a proverb. Azat, read it, please.
P1: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
T: What do you think this proverb means?
P1: To my mind if a person only works without resting, his life will be boring.
P2: I think that every person must have a short rest to do what he likes.
P3 I consider that people should work and play to be happy and merry.
T: Yes, we must have some leisure time after work because it is good for our health and we can do
different hobbies .
By the way, what is hobby? 3 слайд
P1: Hobby is what a person likes to do in his free time.
P2: Hobby is a special interest, that people do in their spare time.
P3: Hobby is a favourite pastime.
T: You are right. We know that people all over the world have a lot in common. We can have the
same hobbies. How do you think what we will do at our lesson today?
P:Today at our lesson we’ll speak about hobbies and do some tasks.
T: OK. Open your exercise-books, write down the date ant the theme of our lesson “Our hobbies”.
3. Повторение лексики по теме “Hobby 4 слайд
You know that all hobbies are divided into 4 parts. Look at the screen, please.
What parts are they?
P1: doing things, making things, learning things and collecting things.
How do you think what hobbies does doing things include?
What about making things?
What about learning things?
What about collecting things?
Now, let’s do some tasks.
4. Listening 5 слайд
The 1
task : You’ll listen to 5 stories about different hobbies. Try to guess them and fill in the table.
Speaker 1 ___________
Speaker 2 ___________
Speaker 3 ___________
Speaker 4 ___________
Speaker 5 ___________
T: Now let’s check up. What can you say about the 1
P1: The 1
speaker told about sport.
P2: The 2
speaker told about collecting.
P3: The 3
speaker told about gardening.
P4: The 4
speaker told about cooking.
P5: The 5
speaker told about reading.
T: You are right. You have done this task very well.
5. Writing. 6 слайд: составление слов.
The next task. You can see some letters on the screen. The task is to make up the words on topic
Hobbies. You must write them on your exercise books.
T: Are you ready? Now let’s check it up. 7 слайд: check up.
Have you got any mistakes? Well done!
6. Now you can do the crossword puzzle. 8слайд: кроссворд
I’ll give you the tasks, you must read them and guess the names of hobbies.
First of all read across lines then down lines. The right answers will be opened on the screen.
7. Физкультминутка
I think you are tired. Let’s have a little rest and do morning exercises. Stand up. Fanil,you’ll be the
sport instructor today, come here, please.
Stand straight! Hands up! Hands down!
Hands to the sides! Hands forward! Hands down!
Hands on your hips!
Turn to the left! Turn to the right!
Bend left! Bend right!
Bend down, your hands touching your toes.
Hands up! Grow as tall as a tall tree! Nod your head!
Turn your head to the left, to the right!
Move your fingers! Hands down! Sit down!.
8. Reading. 9 слайд
Do you know how the British relax? I want you to read a story about it.
Be attentive while reading because after that you must do the task “True, false or not stated”.
(Учащиеся читают текст по предложениям)
How the British relax…
Gardening is a well- known favorite. As the weather in Britain is mild, the British manage to do
gardening almost all the year round. Sometimes this can be just doing a bit of weeding and
sometimes, serious vegetable and fruit growing. In fact, regardless of the size of the garden, the
British can always find plenty to do in it. Mowing grass is also very important. Every Sunday
morning (except for winter) they come out to mow their lawns. The British see an unmown lawn not
only as a sign of laziness, but also as disrespect to others. The grass has the impression to be made of
velvet, it looks like the painted floor.
Walking is also very popular. Ask any British person if they have a pair of walking boots and the
answer will probably be «yes». Walking as a leisure activity has a long tradition in England. You can
buy a variety of maps and guides to walking routes. Organized walking is also popular and it is a
good way to discover local sights of interest with a group of like- minded people and a good guide.
Cycling is another popular activity. Unfortunately, many British roads are very busy and don’t have
cycling paths, so cycling can be a bit dangerous in Britain. Many people find great country roads and
spend their whole holidays exploring their homeland on their bikes. More extreme sports like rock
climbing also attract people.
Задание по тексту. Choose the right answer: True, False, Not stated.
1. Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies in England.
2. The British like listening to birds.
3. You can buy a variety of maps and guides to walking routes.
4. Mowing grass is not very important.
5. British roads have a lot of cycling paths.
What hobbies are popular in Britain?
9. Преимущества хобби. 10 слайд
You know that hobby is a favourite occupation of a person in his free time. It is very useful for
people. How do you think why we have hobbies?
P1: It makes me happy.
P2: We learn a lot of new things.
P3: Our life becomes more interesting.
P4: It helps us to be strong and healthy.
P5: It can teach people to plan their life and time.
P6: It teach us to develop our mind and body.
P7: You can meet interesting people and make new friends.
P8: It helps to relax.
P9: It helps to decide problems of life.
P10: It helps us to choose our future profession.
You see how many advantages has hobby. From my point of view, hobby plays an important role in
a person’s life.
8. Обобщающий тест.
Now let’s do a short test to conclude our knowledge on the topic “Hobby”.
Finish the sentences:
1. Hobby is ...
a) what you can and like to do, when you have free time
b) what you hate to do
2. Very often our hobby helps us ...
a) to choose our future profession
b) to do nothing
3. The most common hobby among Englishmen is ...
a) collecting books
b) gardening and growing roses
4. Hobby differs like ...
a) people
b) tastes
5. When we have a hobby our life becomes more ...
a) interesting
b) dull
9. Презентация учащихся по теме “My hobby”.
Hobbies differ like tastes. If you choose a hobby according to your taste, your life will become more
interesting. Now it’s time to listen to some pupils’ opinions about how they spend their free time.
They prepared presentations about it.
( презентации учащихся).
10. Homework. 11 cлайд
Dear boys and girls, no matter what kind of hobby you have, you always have the opportunity of
learning from it.
Your homework is to prepare 5-6 questions for a dialogue on the topic “Hobby”.
11. Подведение итогов урока.
T: What have you learned from the lesson?
S: We have spoken about many interesting things today.
T: I hope that you've enjoyed our lesson. Thank you for the lesson. Good bye. Good luck.
Использованная литература
Текст “How the British relax”: http://ru4.ilovetranslation.com/X2sw5aCrsSD=d/
Тест: http://lib.repetitors.eu/english/
Презентации учащихся
Приложение 1
Тhe crossword puzzle
1. Take a good book and enjoy it.
5. You listen to it.
7. A useful activity which helps you to have a new sweater, a scarf or any other clothes.
8. A creative hobby. You need brushes and paints.
9. An outdoor hobby. You should sit near the river or any other body of water.
2. If you like this then you like music and moving.
3. A hobby helps you to enjoy flowers and fruit.
4. All you need is a camera.
6. A summer pastime if you like water.
Приложение 2
Make up the words:
ingvelltra csimu
cigndan malnias
rahoringsec ertaeht
shfiing oicns
gingins enicma
paingint putmocer
travelling music
dancing animals
horseracing theatre
fishing coins
singing cinema
painting computer