Презентация к уроку английского языка "Trouble shared" 7 класс

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Презентация к уроку английского языка в 7 классе УМК Биболетовой М. З. Учитель английского языка МБОУ гимназии №19 имени Н. З. Поповичевой г. Липецка Жаглина Татьяна Владимировна. to share person true idea offer classmate helpful problem to quarrel with parents bad to help to get along with trouble to call friend
  • Read and translate the words:
Answer the questions. New words:
  • suggest - предлагать
  • habit - привычка
  • involve - вовлекать
  • encourage - вдохновлять
  • bark - лаять
  • fence - забор
Read the letter and put the paragraphs into the correct order. If I were you, I would ... Why don't you ... ? I’d also suggest... How about... ?
  • It would be a good idea to…
  • You could also…
  • Have you thought about…?
  • Useful expressions:
  • I can't stand my neighbours. They always play loud music late at night.
  • The kids in the neighbourhood destroy my flowers when they play football in the street.
  • The heavy traffic on the main road keeps us awake at night.
  • My neighbours' dog keeps barking when they go out. It drives me crazy.
  • neighbours
  • play loud music
  • neighbours’ dog
  • heavy traffic
  • local children
Check your answers:
  • neighbours
  • play loud music
  • neighbours’ dog
  • keeps barking when they go out
  • heavy traffic
  • keeps us awake at night
  • local children
  • destroy my flowers when they play football in the street
Trouble shared
  • (Writing a letter giving advice)
1. Who has written the letter? A a friend of yours В a relative 2. What kind of letter is this? A a letter asking for advice В a letter giving advice 3. What does the writer expect you to do? A to explain her problem В to advise her on her problem 4. What style would you use in your reply to this letter? A informal В formal
  • Answer the questions:
1... ask the neighbours to tie up their dog 2... call the police 3... shout at the children whenever you see them 4... ask the neighbours to make sure that their children turn their music off at a reasonable hour 5... report the neighbours to the local council 6... politely explain to the neighbours that their shouting disturbs you 7... threaten to take the neighbours to court 8... ask the neighbours to mend their garden fence so their dog can't get through
  • Choose the right answers:
TIP When we write an informal letter giving advice we can divide it into four paragraphs. • In the introduction we offer encouragement by saying that we understand the problem and/or that we think we can help. • In the second and third paragraphs we make our suggestions, giving reasons and/or examples. We write each suggestion in a separate paragraph. • In the conclusion we write our closing remarks (i.e. ask the person to let us know what happens, say that we hope everything turns out well, etc). Plan Date Dear Amy, Introduction Paragraph 1: offer encouragement (say you understand the problem and/ or you think you can help) Main Body Paragraphs 2 - 3: advice/suggestions (and reasons/examples) Conclusion Final paragraph: closing remarks Love/Lots of love/etc. .................... (your first name) YOUR HOMEWORK:
  • Use your answers and the plan below to write a letter to your cousin, giving your advice. Use Joanna’s letter as a model (100-120 words).
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