Проверочная работа по лексике "Семья и друзья" 9 класс

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Проверочная работа по лексике в 9 классе по теме «Семья и друзья»Translate the words
and word combinations from English into Russian.
1. to support each other
2. to understand what is more important
3. to envy success with girls
4. to feel lonely and upset
5. to have fun with mates
6. to quarrel with the members of the family
7. Real friends must not betray
8. to deserve true friendship
9. to keep secrets
10. to go dating (to date)
11. to avoid conflicts
12. to ignore interests
13. to feel jealous
14. to forgive everything
15. to trust relatives
16. to be close friends
17. to fall in love
18. to be special and unique
19. to get along well with classmate
20. to feel comfortable and relaxed
21. to be best mates
22. to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend
23. to write messages to guys
24. to keep company
25. to take care of parents
26. to make friends
27. to lose friends
28. What happened?
29. You look cool!
30. She is gorgeous! -
31. Don’t worry, be happy.-
32. What a bore!
33. Kiss me!
34. I miss you.
35. I don’t care.-
36. A friend in Need is a Friend Indeed.-
37. to be calm
38. to get on well with each other
39. to appreciate parent’s advice
40. to cheer up a girlfriend
41. to feel down and depressed Your mark is: