Тест "Утвердительные предложения в Present Simple"

Выбери правильный ответ:
1. Brenda read/reads very well.
2. Ted swim/swims every day.
3. We ride/rides bikes very much.
4. Kate play/plays tennis every day.
5. Emily and Sue play/plays table tennis well.
6. They live/lives in the city.
7. Mike go/goes to school in the morning.
8. His mum go/goes shopping in the morning.
9. Nick’s dad go/goes to work every day.
10. Rose and Grace drink/drinks milk every morning.
11. My dad like/likes cold milk for breakfast.
12. Debby eat/eats two sandwiches for breakfast.
13. My mum drive/drives a car well.
14. His dad cook/cooks well.
15. Alice and Grace swim/swims very well.
16. We speak/speaks English well.
17. My parents work/works in the city.
18. His sister work/works at school.
19. Polly read/reads English books.
20. Ted swim/swims in the afternoon.
21. We ride/rides scooters very much.
22. Kate and Tiny play/plays table tennis every day.
23. Emily and Sue play/plays volleyball well.
24. I like/likes fruit salad for breakfast.
25. They live/lives in the big house.
26. Mike go/goes to school in the city.
27. His parents go/goes shopping every day.
28. Nick’s granny bake/bakes good bread.
29. Rose visit/visits music school very much.
30. My parents like/likes strong tea for breakfast.
31. Debby eat/eats porridge for breakfast.
32. My brother drive/drives a car well.
33. My uncle like/likes to cook.
34. Emily and Grace walk/walks in the afternoon.
35. They speak/speaks English well.
36. My uncle work/works in the city.
37. Sue work/works in the hospital.
38. Bob ride/rides a horse every day.
39. I like/likes English books.
40. Emma listen/listens to music very much.
41. Brenda listen/listens to English music.
42. Alice watch/watches TV every morning.
43. Mason make/makes strong tea every morning.
44. My granny cook/cooks porridge every morning.
45. Ann’s sisters ski/skis very well.
46. My sister drive/drives a car well.
47. I read/reads books every evening.
48. My brothers watch/watches cartoons every day.
49. My parents work/works every day.
50. My mum make/makes green tea every morning.